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A virtual fair of the "4 per 1000" International Initiative

"Reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases by improving soil health !"

On-line 3 May to 11 June 2021

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are part of the natural carbon and nitrogen cycles. Human industrial activities have led to excessive concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, turning them into pollutants.

The fair is opportunity to showcase the diversity of solutions the "4 per 1000" partners are working on, demonstrate the power of the "4 per 1000" network and platform for supporting the delivery of the European Green Deal, to identify collaboration opportunities and most importantly to boost team spirit of our collective action.

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EU Green Week - The Virtual Fair of the "4 per 1000" international Initiative

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4p1000 Green Week 2021 Registration

List of Stands

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Please note that for the time being only exhibitors have access to the stand pages. The stand pages will be opened to the public during the opening ceremony on May 3.

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Stand 001Israel

Dead Sea & Arava Science Center (DSASC C)

Sustaining the Functioning of Geo-ecosystems in Drylands

Stand 002Argentina

La Asociación Argentina de Productores en Siembra Directa (AAPRESID)

International fair "4x1000" initiative: real farmers experiences for living soils and carbon sequestration

Stand 003Morocco

Université Cadi Ayyad of MarrakeshUsage des Biostimulants pour une agriculture durable dans l'écosystème oasien
Stand 004Italy

Re Soil Foundation

A productive and healthy soil

Stand 005United Kingdom

Farmtopian AGPaying Farmers to Sequester Carbon and enrich Soil via Farmers Carbon Offsets
Stand 006Zimbabwe

Bindura UniversityAssessing the impacts of contour-based water harvesting technologies, soil water retention membranes and nutrient management options on soil organic carbon accumulation and greenhouse gas emissions from coarse-textured soils in Zimbabwe.
Stand 007Italy

Paneco Ambiente S.r.l.

Soil improvement with Humus Anenzy

Stand 008Madagascar

Association / coopérative  ValazombyDes sols pour la sécurité alimentaire et le climat
Stand 009Ecuador

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

Asociación de Productores de Alimentos Nutricionales Andinos Mushuk Yuyay, APROSANAMYRestorative Forest of Guayraloma - healthy ecosystems for healthy soil 
Stand 010Costa Rica

Keine Fotobeschreibung verfügbar.

Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE)

Ganadería sostenible

Stand 011Chile

Universidad de la FronteraSoil carbon sequestration a reality without limits
Stand 012Niger

Labizey Hallassa - Fight For The Well-Being Of The People

Gagassiney "Lutte contre la faim à travers l'autonomisation de la femme"

Stand 013DRC

Agro Sans Frontières

Association des Agriculteurs Sans Frontières (AASF)Association des Agriculteurs Sans Frontières (AASF)
Stand 014Burundi

Protection de l'environnement

Stand 015Sri Lanka

Faculty of Agriculture, University of RuhunaImprove retention of soil C and reduce emission of gaseous C through water repellency
Stand 016Colombia

BIODIVERSAL SASBiodiversal: where regenerative and coffee cultures meet
Stand 017Mali
Association Malienne Etude d'Impact Environnementale (AMEIE)Dialogue avec les universitaires a Segou sur .Pourquoi une journee mondiale des sols et l initiative 4p1000 
Stand 018DRC

Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)Protect Rain Forest in DRCongo (carbon sequestration) - Shabunda Project
Stand 019Australia

Agripower Australia LtdThe use of silicon fertiliser offers several environmental and Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction benefits
Stand 020Madagascar

Consortium CURSA Development NGO (CCD)Appui à la filière vanille, plantation qui respecte la santé du sol par le système de conservation de l'humidité du sol
Stand 021France


GAÏAGOCarbon farming
Stand 022Pakistan

China Agricultural UniversityImpact of Climate Warming of Agriculture
Stand 023Tajikistan

Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP)Adapted Agriculture and Nature Resources Managment practices on reducing GHG emmision
Stand 024Panama

Sustainable Harvest InternationalSmallholder Farm Extension: The Low-Hanging Fruit for Increased Soil Organic Carbon
Stand 025

République Démocratique du Congo

Association pour le Developpement des Initiatives feminines (ADIF)


Stand 026Italy

University of Basilicata - DiCEMAgricultural soil management
Stand 027China

HomelandGreen LimitedPromoting regenerative farming and low carbon footprint consumption in Hong Kong
Stand 028Mexico

Regeneration InternationalAgave Power: Greening the Desert
Stand 029Côte d'Ivoire

Jeune Prodige Afrique - Monde (JPAM)L'impact des décharges sauvages en Afrique sur la santé du sol et l'air.
Stand 030Pakistan

University of Agriculture, FaisalabadClimate change mitigation and agricultural practices
Stand 031Congo

Climate Change Africa Opportunities (CCAO)Pratiques sur l'Agriculture climato-résiliente dans le contexte du changement climatique en Afrique
Stand 032Argentina

Home - Plataforma Puma

Plataforma Inteligente De Manejo Agricola S.A. (PUMA)Presentación de calculadora certificada de Huella de Carbono, monitoreo y simulación a nivel de sitio específico
Stand 033France

Institut de l'élevage

Institut de l'ElevageDecrease green house gazes emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in French beef and dairy farm : tools for farmers and advisers
Stand 034Mali

Appui aux capacités pour le dévelopement (ACALODE)Appui à la promotion de la responsabilité des enfants face aux problématiques des changements climatiques
Stand 035China

HomelandGreen LimitedTurning the Ulan Buh Desert into a high yield zero pollution eco-agricultural zone
Stand 036Costa Rica
Inversiones Catasulapa S.A.Potential benefits of Agroforestry in the Central American Dry Corridor
Stand 037India

Welcome to Baif Development Research Foundation

Development Research Foundation (BAIF)Carbon Sequestration
Stand 038Zambia

BetterWorld Energy

Betterworld Energy LtdRegeneration Agroforestry in Zambia
Stand 039Finland

Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG)Field Observatory -Illustrating the effects of carbon farming on Finnish farms
Stand 040France


Association pour la Promotion d'une Agriculture Durable (APAD)

Global Conservation Agriculture Network - GCAN International (GCAN)

Conservation agriculture
Stand 041Guinea

Carbone GuinéeIntroduction NDC dans les planifications locales
Stand 042United States of America
Cook Education ServicesScaling up biochar production for carbon sequestration in the soil
Stand 043France

MyEasyFarmRéduction des émissions CO2 en Agriculture 
Stand 044Cambodia

SmartAgro Sustainable Innovations Co., Ltd.Conservation Agriculture, Climate-Smart Agriculture
Stand 045India

Indian Agricultural Research Institute - Wikipedia

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI)Carbon sequestration in paddy soils
Stand 046Morocco


Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)Conservation/Regenerative Agriculture
Stand 047Italy

Consorzio Italiano Biogas e Gassificazione (CIB)Agroecologia
Stand 048United States of America

Vermont Law School and ASPCA Seek Journalists for  New Animal Law Media Fellowship

Vermont Law SchoolRegenerative Agriculture & Ecosystem service law
Stand 049Kenya

Soil4Climate Inc. - Home

Soil4climateEnkop Osiligi "The Promised Land" - Ecological Restoration on Maasai Lands in Kenya
Stand 050Uzbekistan

Soil Composition and Repository, Quality Analysis Center - State Unitary CompanyAnalysing Effect of cement manufacturing industry and industry dust for soils and agricultural plants.
Stand 051France

Pour une Agriculture du Vivant

Pour une Agriculture du Vivant (PADV)Indice de Régénération (outil d'évaluation agroécologique)
Stand 052Pakistan


Combating Poverty and Climate Change FoundationRegenerative Agriculture Restoring soil health through holistic livestock management
Stand 053Tunisia

Alle Info über die GIZ - Welthungerhilfe

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)Soil Protection for food safety
Stand 054DRC, USA

Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)

Planet Alpha Corp.

Forest Soil Conservation
Stand 055Argentina

Facultad de Agronomía - University of La Pampa (UNLPam)Sustainable soil management in extensive cash crop production. Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils 
Stand 056Spain

EDAFOTECSoil and Circular Economy
Stand 057Niger
Association pour  la promotion et le développement artisanal et culturel ( PRODAC)Climate
Stand 058Malawi
Simpson FoundationSolar Corridor Planting to increase crop yields in Malawi
Stand 059Malawi
Simpson FoundationRegeneration of Nature through Income Generation for Local Communities in Malawi
Stand 060Mali
CEDIFA - Cellule d´Appui en Animation, information et Formation en matiere de Developpement communautaireEtude d'impacts Environnemental et Social d'un projet d'exploitation d'une carriere de dolerite à YELEKEBOUGOU-SUD dans le cercle de Kati en Republique du Mali.
Stand 061Haiti

GACIDD - Groupe D'Appui Des Cadres Innovateurs Pour Le Développement Durable D'HaitiComment combattre l’insécurité alimentaire dans le département du Nord-ouest par la promotion de l’agro écologie
Stand 062Norway


SPIREHow organizations in Norway and the Norwegian government got on board with 4 per 1000 and how we continue to work together for soil health
Stand 063United States of America

ConserWater Technologies Inc.Generate Carbon Credits at scale from soil using Satellites and AI
Stand 064Cambodia

Green Shoots FoundationAgroecology
Stand 065Argentina

Logiseed SRLSIREnFi (Sistema Integral de Recupero de Envases Fitosanitarios)
Stand 066Niger

ONG-ASED - Association-Santé-Education-DémocratieProtection de l’environnement et l’amélioration des conditions de vie des élèves et de la communauté
Stand 067Brazil

CAFÉ DOS CONTOS (AGROFORESTRY COFFEE)Benefits Of Agroforestry To Soil, Soul And Society
Stand 068Italy

University of VeronaCarbon sequestration, food security/safety
Stand 069Côte d'Ivoire


Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD)Restauration des sols et de la multifonctionnalité des paysages forestiers dégradés de Côte d’Ivoire (TERRI4SOL)
Stand 070France


Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement (CIRAD)Partager les connaissances sur la séquestration du carbone dans les sols d'outre-mer
Stand 071United States of America

The Inga FoundationOrganic, regenerative agroforestry for food security/carbon sequestration & avoidance/improved livelihoods
Stand 072United States of America

Stand 073France

Carbone des sols pour une agriculture durable en AfriqueCarbone des sols pour une agriculture durable en Afrique
Stand 074Brazil

Brazilian Institute of AgroecologySoil Environmental Accounting
Stand 075Pakistan

CPCCF PakistanRegenerative Agriculture Restoring soil health through holistic livestock management
Stand 076Pakistan

CPCCF Pakistan

Regenerative agriculture Holistic Land Management for Climate Change adaptation and Soil Health 

Stand 077Uzbekistan

Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization EngineersReducing Greenhouse Gas - Air Pollution through improved soil health!
Stand 078France

VITIROVER SASThe Vitirover solution replace Glyphosate and plowing byfleets of solar industrial mower-robots, replacing artificialised plots by carbon sinks.
Stand 079Cambodia

Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries
Stand 080France

Association Drômoise d'AgroforesterieSemis sous couvert végétal (Conservation agriculture)
Stand 081France

Association Drômoise d'AgroforesterieMarket gardening on living soil
Stand 082Luxembourg

FERTILUX / FCA FERTILISANTSStocker du carbone en augmentant la fertilité biologique des sols.
Stand 083Switzerland

AgriCircle AGSoil pattern recognition with a combination of satellite data and sampling
Stand 084USA

Business Climate LeadersFood and Agriculture as a System
Stand 085Spain

NaturbecNatural Solutions for Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture
Stand 086Argentina

Carbon Group Agro-Climatic Solutions SRLSoil carbon sequestration programme, green finance and access to carbon markets.
Stand 087Mali


NGO ACIADLa protection des sols à travers le reboisement des zones dégradées par les plantes à valeur nutritive et médicinale/ mais également des plantes dont les feuilles fertilisent le soll
Stand 088Georgia

Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRDAgrobiodiversity, Circular Economy, Agroecology
Stand 089Canada

Heart and Soil Living LTD.Global Regeneration - The Power of Coming Together - Sharing science, stories, and successes
Stand 090Germany

betterSoil for a better worldHumus economy
Stand 091Spain

Green Lab SpainOff-grid sustainable and ecological agriculture: improving soil health, reducing landfill, minimising carbon footprint, using claimed materials and innovation hub
Stand 092France


INRAEEJP Sols et Circasa
Stand 093France


INRAECarbon labelling : lessons learned from the French label (Label Bas Carbone)

About the fair

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Greenhouse gases (GHG) are part of the natural carbon and nitrogen cycles. Human industrial activities have led to excessive concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, turning them into pollutants. Under natural conditions, emissions of carbon-containing gases into the atmosphere are balanced by element fluxes that sequester carbon in so-called sinks, i.e., the oceans, vegetation, and soil. We have disrupted this balance in many ways, both by enhancing carbon fluxes to the atmosphere and by reducing the capacity of our sinks to assimilate carbonaceous gases.

The European Environment Agency defines air pollution as

"The presence of contaminant or pollutant substances in the air at a concentration that interferes with human health or welfare, or produces other harmful environmental effects. "

In addition to greenhouse gases - mainly carbon dioxide, but also methane, nitric oxides and others - air pollutants include chemicals and particulate matter. Since the beginning of industrialization, we have been racing toward a point where extremely high levels of air pollution have become a threat to our existence. Recent predictions indicate that climate change will soon reach a point of no return. Despite this gloomy outlook, there is good news: there is a solution right under our feet and there are many people around the world who are getting involved.

We would like to take the opportunity of EU Green Week to highlight the role of soils as part of the solution and express our commitment to this cause. Indeed, soils represent the largest terrestrial carbon reservoir and thus have the ability to reduce air pollution through photosynthetic conversion and stabilization of carbon compounds in soil organic matter.

The main goal of the international "4 per 1000" initiative is to create a global platform for exchange and collaboration among a multi-stakeholder community that wants healthy and carbon-rich soils worldwide to combat climate change and end hunger. We will showcase what our network of members and partners are doing to rebalance our atmosphere by reducing CO2 levels through specific measures to improve soil health.

Each participating partner will have the opportunity to show what they do, what they need support for, and how they can help others.


The "4 per 1000" fair in the framework of the EU Green Week will be an opportunity to:

  • boost team spirit in our joint mission to end GHG-air pollution
  • showcase the diversity of solutions the "4 per 1000" partners are working on
  • demonstrate the power of the "4 per 1000" network and platform for supporting the delivery of the European Green Deal
  • get to know each other better and identify collaboration opportunities
  • raise public awareness on the role of soil health to combat GHG-air pollution

In 2020, "4 per 1000" has established a state-of-the-art electronic platform, consolidated and scaled its network, and developed its strategic plan. Currently, the initiative is developing its implementation strategy and operational framework. Through the Green Week "4 per 1000" exhibition, partners and the interested public will have the opportunity to learn details about the work of other partners, explore cooperation opportunities and exchange ideas. In short, we hope that the fair will give us important impulses for the implementation of our joint strategy.


We would like to invite you to participate at the virtual "4 per 1000" fair in order to exhibit your work and to interact with visitors. As an exhibitor you will have a page on the collaborative platform (your virtual stand) to display your work and organize a series of virtual events to present and exchange with visitors. Register below to apply for a stand.

Once you have registered, we send you the link to your page / virtual stand. It includes a link to a Jitsi virtual chat room for your events. Jitsi is an open-source and secure alternative to zoom that is offered by several promoters free of charge. Off course you are free to use another video conferencing solution that suits you better.

Please organize your events as you like. You might organize shows, presentations, discussions, guided tours or simply arrange opening hours during which visitors may come and meet you for a casual chat. The list of exhibition stands will make it easy for users to find your stand and to find out when they can meet you.

Use your stand to attract visitors and to share information. Upload images, videos and presentations and other documents that you would like to share. Keep your stand simple and focus on one topic. You may apply for several stand if you want to cover several topics - one topic one stand.

Visitors can interact with you during one of your events or drop a comment at the bottom of your stand page.

The "4 per 1000" fair will be framed by an opening event on May 3 and a closing event on June 11.

Profit from the fair to promote your organization and to make a firsthand experience with this innovative event-format. Registration will be closed on the 15th of April.

The EU Green Week

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Pollution affects everybody – through the air we breathe, the water we drink or the land we grow our food on. It is the largest environmental cause of multiple mental and physical diseases, and of premature deaths, especially among children, people with certain medical conditions and the elderly. But pollution does not affect everybody equally. People who live in more deprived areas very often live close to contaminated sites or in areas where there is a very high flow of traffic. Pollution is also one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity. It reduces the ability of ecosystems to provide services such as carbon sequestration and decontamination.

But it can be prevented. The EU Action Plan toward a Zero Pollution Ambition is a key action of the European Green Deal scheduled for spring 2021. It will help to create a toxic-free environment across the EU by better monitoring and, reporting, and by preventing and remedying pollution from air, water, soil, and consumer products.
It will also support the post-COVID 19 recovery by helping to rebuild a more sustainable EU economy, creating job opportunities and reducing social inequalities. The European Green Week 2021 will be dedicated to the ‘zero pollution ambition’. It will also look at other relevant European Green Deal initiatives, such the climate initiatives, the upcoming Chemicals Strategy, as well as initiatives in the field of energy, industry, mobility, agriculture, fisheries, health and biodiversity.

EU Green Week 2021 will be an opportunity to engage with all stakeholders and interested citizens on how we can work together to make the ambition for a zero pollution and toxic-free environment a reality.

Do you have any questions?
Write to

The European Green Deal

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Being part of EU Green Week is the opportunity to showcase the achievements of your organisation or city to a wider audience.

If you are planning an event between 3 May and 13 June 2021, or would like to organise one, why not register it as an EU Green Week partner event.

Any type of event is eligible, be it a workshop, guided tour, exhibition, fair, open day or an online event, etc.

The only requirement is that it needs to be relevant to the EU Green Week 2021 theme of Zero Pollution. This theme links with many issues, such as industry, chemicals, energy, mobility, agriculture and fisheries, biodiversity or climate, amongst many others.

Events can explore a wide range of questions, including: how does pollution affects our health and well being, how to achieve zero pollution production and consumption, the need to address the existing pollution legacy, how to establish integrated measuring and tracking of pollution to steer the change or how can we work together to create the zero pollution transformation

Please note that this does not mean that the event needs to focus exclusively on Zero Pollution. It can show links and connections with other areas, such as climate change, agriculture, circular economy, urban environment, and so forth.

It could even focus on a need for better governance, implementation of existing legislation, training and education or on how citizens could be better involved.