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Thomas Norhandian


Karlstad | Sweden


CarbonLock decreases European CO2 emissions thanks to a unique and innovative solution. Using the regulated carbon markets, we accelerate the low carbon transition of the heavy industry at the same time as we help businesses to improve their climate strategy and impact.


CarbonLock speeds up the low carbon transition of the heavy industry.

How? Here it is.

In 2005, the European Union created the EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS).

This system sets a sharp legal limit to the yearly CO2 emissions of the heavy industry (major polluting companies in Europe), limit which is represented by a yearly number of emission rights (EUAs).

Logically, the less EUAs available on the market, the less CO2 can be released.

This is where CarbonLock comes into play: our solution makes anyone, from businesses to the consumer, able to decrease the number of EUAs on the market by building a bridge between society and the European system.

How, again?

CarbonLock gathers funds from businesses who want to work with us (our Partners), which we use to delete (buy and freeze) EUAs from the market, ensuring less CO2 emissions in Europe from the heavy industry.
On top of this, the money dedicated to buy EUAs is reinvested by the European Union to fund green technologies, allowing the heavy industry to decrease their emissions even faster, giving a double effect to the CarbonLock action.

Our process is simple.

Each Partner dedicates a percentage of their turnover to CarbonLock, meaning that a part of each product or service’s price is directly transferred to us. We then use that participation to buy emission rights (EUAs) from the European Union and delete/freeze them.


Long story short, the CarbonLock process is a virtuous circle.

It is extremely simple, transparent, and rewards every actor involved:

-      For the consumer, it is an easy way to act for the climate on a global scale, by buying from our Partners.

-     For our Partners, it offers a strong marketing advantage and a powerful action, in an era where climate change is the most pressing challenge

Of course, the more people and Partners are taking part in this adventure with us, the bigger the impact will be, and the faster we can transition towards a low carbon society.

Like the idea? Here are two ways to be part of it:

-      Choose to purchase from our Partners

-      Choose, as a business, to become a CarbonLock Partner

Feel free to reach out for any information, suggestions or questions. We would love to hear from you!

Welcome to the CarbonLock initiative!


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CarbonLock is currently creating new types of collaborations with environmental consulting companies.

Feel free to reach out if you feel that it could be interesting for your company!

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