1. How we are notified if someone wants to meet to chat with us? Do we receive an email? - (Question from Sarah Russell French - #114 - Adaptación al cambio climático de la agricultura de secano mediterránea: su contribución a la contaminación cero Thanks !) 

Option A (share page):

  1. Go to the stand you are interested in.
  2. Pick the name on top of the list of exhibitors and use the page share function to notify the person.

Option B (comment page):

  1. Search for a stand and person you want to talk to.
  2. Make a comment at the bottom of their page letting them know that you want an appointment.
  3. It is important that you activate watch on your stand. This assures that you are notified by mail when comments your page.

Option C (open Jitsi):

  1. You would define an opening hour in you table.
  2. Launch the Jitsi video chat at the beginning and wait for someone to come. Just click on the link that you find in your event or opening hour table to the right. Jitsi is a secure open source video chat solution. It is offered by a range of providers for free.
  3. Continue working on other stuff or read a book while none is in the room but leave your speakers on.
  4. When someone is coming into your Jitsi chat room you will hear a sound. Go there and say hello, and start your conversation.  
  5. It might be a good idea to post a reminder in the chat # forum to attract visitors.

Option D (search in chat):

  1. Search for a person you want to talk to.
  2. Go to this chat room, search for the person and post a message.

2. Wanted to edit the time (add UTC/GMT +4 hours on the event page are we still able to make corrections? (Question from Eram G Aftab0076 - Regenerative agriculture Holistic Land Management for Climate Change adaptation and Soil Health - Thanks !) 

Natacha Agbo from AFRIS updates the list every evening before 17:00 WET (UTC+1). We are a very small team and cannot make adjustments in between. Therefore, we ask you to make your plans well in advance and check the information in your table of opening hours and events regularly. Make sure that the dates and times are correct and that they are in the correct format.

3. How to communicate about your stand and/or event?

  1. Use your communication tools (social networks, websites,...)
  2. Write your publication with all the information: title, subject, stand number, event, time zones, ...
  3. Put the links of your stand and/or event
  4. Tagged the 4p1000 Initiative:
    1. Twitter: @4per1000
    2. Facebook: @4p1000 Initiative
    3. LinkedIn: @4p1000 Initiative
  5. Tag your partners
  6. Put hashtags to increase your visibility, for example: #EUGreenWeek #SoilHealth #4p1000initiative
  7. Put photos or the banner of the fair below (you can download it)

4. Can the 4p1000 Initiative share my stand and/or event?

Yes, as far as possible. 

To do so, you must :

  1. Like the 4p1000 Initiative on social networks
    1. Twitter: https://twitter.com/4per1000 
    2. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/4p1000
    3. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/4p1000initiative
  2. Tagged the 4p1000 Initiative:
    1. Twitter: @4per1000 
    2. Facebook: @4p1000 Initiative 
    3. LinkedIn: @4p1000 Initiative

5. I receive too many notifications from the Afris Wiki, how can I receive less?

6. Video Chat - How does Jitsi work ? (Question from Pascal Lienhard - 0052 - Agroecology and Safe food System Transitions in South-East Asia

We suggest Jitsi for video chat. It is secure, open source, free, simple and easy to use. Users can easily connect with their browser without installing any software. To connect they just need to share the link to the Jitsi room with the interlocutors. It works best with Chrome. There are many organizations that have Jitsi installed on their servers and offer the service for free (free servers in Germany). The quality may vary from one provider to another, but it also depends a lot on your computer's bandwidth and performance. Jitsi also works well with smartphones, either with the browser or the app (android 1, android 2 or apple). Try it out if you have problems with your PC or firewall. Watch the video to get familiar with Jitsi. 

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