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Emma Crasnier

Mellany Klompe


Mijnsheerenland | Netherlands


Soil Heroes Foundation (SHF) is a Dutch non-profit organization on a mission to catalyse the transition to regenerative agriculture in Europe. Regenerative agriculture is a way of farming that works with nature, rather than against it. Core practices include no tilling or shallow tillage, keeping the soil covered all year long by growing cover crops in-between cash crops, selecting deep-rooting crops, increasing crop diversity, growing flower field margins and integrating grazing animals. We have first-hand proof that it restores soil health effectively and draws down carbon compounds from the atmosphere. Nearly 40% of the world’s land surface is used for agriculture, so if we change farming practices and make regenerative agriculture the norm, we can significantly reduce the impact of farming on climate change. 

Our idea is to prove to farmers that adopting regenerative farming practices will solve their most pressing issue: soil’s water retention capacity. Increasing soil’s water retention capacity is vital for farmers because it improves soil and crops’ resilience to droughts and floods, reducing the need for irrigation and stabilizing food production.

As farmers ourselves, we know that farmers need to see it to believe it. We empower farmers and reduce barriers to adopt climate-positive farming practices. We 1) run large-scale experiments on our Showcase Farm to provide tangible evidence that regenerative agriculture has direct benefits for farmers, including storing more sweet water in the soil; 2) share knowledge and practical tools for farmers to start or continue their transition to regenerative agriculture; and 3) build network by connecting key stakeholders, encouraging peer-to-peer learning and cross-industry collaboration.

By showing farmers that changing their farming practices will improve water retention in soils, we can hugely accelerate the adoption of agricultural practices that are better for people and the planet – combatting climate change, preserving biodiversity, improving farmers’ livelihoods and supporting vibrant local communities.  



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