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TIMESIS (www.timesis.it) is an Italian consultancy company with more than 25 years of international experience in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating innovative projects in the fields of environment, agriculture, sustainable development, management of natural resources (soil and water). It is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 for "Consultancy, design, studies and services in the field of soil science, agronomy, forestry and land sciences". Since 2014 Timesis manages the Destination Management Company “Montepisano DMC” to promote the sustainable tourism development of the rural area of Monte Pisano in Tuscany, acting as incoming agency and territorial facilitator. TIMESIS provides consultancy services in the following fields: ● PROJECT DESIGN AND MANAGEMENT ● MONITORING AND EVALUATION OF PROJECTS AND PROGRAMMES ● AGRICULTURE, NATURAL RESOURCES, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABLE TOURISM ● SOIL SCIENCE, SOIL HYDROLOGY, IRRIGATION ● IMPLEMENTATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

Since March 2022 TIMESIS S.r.l. manages CarbonChange S.r.l. (www.carbon-change.com), an innovative startup with a social vocation recognized as a spin-off of the University of Milan. The founding team has strong skills in the environmental, agricultural and energy sectors with several years of entrepreneurial and managerial experience. The management team is composed of professionals with years of experience in public and private companies in the environmental field, in major international companies operating in energy, telecommunications and technology, and of figures with international experience in the development of startups. The research and product management team is composed of figures from the scientific world of the University of Milan, highly specialized in agricultural and environmental sciences.

 The CARBONCHANGE method enables (given the scientific evidence available at this time) the quantification of the soil organic carbon storage resulting from improvement of agricultural activity or management technique that is connected to a new and clear-cut removal of CO2 from the atmosphere. The system is configured with a Software as a Service approach that is delivered through the operation of a "Carbon Calculator".

CARBONCHANGE Carbon Calculator is based on the ARMOSA Crop Systems Simulation Model, a software program that represents, through a series of equations, the dynamic processes of the agroecosystem and how they vary in response to agricultural management, climate, and soil conditions.




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