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Morrisville | USA


Welcome to the Soil Health Institute’s virtual booth at the 4p1000 Virtual Fair. The Soil Health Institute is a global non-profit with a mission of safeguarding and enhancing the vitality and productivity of soils through scientific research and advancement. The Institute brings together leaders in soil health science and the industry to conduct research and empower farmers and other landowners with the knowledge to successfully adopt regenerative soil health systems that contribute economic and environmental benefits to agriculture and society.

The Institute’s scientific team holds doctorates in various soil science and related disciplines, with specialties in carbon cycling, nutrient cycling, water cycling, nutrient management, farmer training, education, GIS, ecosystem service modeling, soil-plant relationships, on-farm economics, and others. Together, the team follows a comprehensive strategy for advancing adoption of regenerative soil health systems, as briefly described in this 5-minute video.

This booth is intended to represent some of the Soil Health Institute’s activities and includes videos that highlight our Theory of Change, economic analysis of soil health on 100 farms, presentations from scientists and stakeholders on how U.S. Agriculture can achieve Net Zero GHG Emissions, and conversations between farmers about soil health systems. We also provide an economic fact sheet and direct interested attendees to the Soil Health Institute’s website and social channels.

Healthy soils are the foundation for restoring our land. Together, we can create a secure future for all, mitigate the effects of climate change, and help farmers and organizations meet production and environmental goals at scale.



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