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    Page: 0034 - Appui à la promotion de la responsabilité des enfants face aux problématiques des changements climatiques
    Page: 0101 - GHG footprint calculation (scope 1,2 and 3) for sugarcane producers
    Page: 0047 - Farming for future
    Page: 0017 - Dialogue avec les universitaires à Segou sur: "Pourquoi une journée mondiale des sols? et "L'initiative 4p1000" 
    Page: 0123 - Politiques publiques / Soutien à l'initiative / Agro-écologie
    Page: 0111 - PRETATERRA - Agroforestry | Regenerative Agriculture
    Page: 0025 - Agroforesterie
    Page: 0090 - Humus economy
    Page: 0114 - Adaptación al cambio climático de la agricultura de secano mediterránea: su contribución a la contaminación cero
    Page: 0089 - Global Regeneration - The Power of Coming Together - Sharing science, stories, and successes
    Page: 0007 - Soil improvement with Humus Anenzy
    Page: 0083 - Soil pattern recognition with a combination of satellite data and sampling
    Page: 0059 - Regeneration of Nature through Income Generation for Local Communities in Malawi
    Page: 0002 - International fair "4 per 1000" Initiative: real farmers experiences for living soils and carbon sequestration
    Page: 0012 - Gagassiney "Lutte contre la faim à travers l'autonomisation de la femme"
    Page: 0055 - Sustainable soil management in extensive cash crop production. Carbon sequestration in agricultural soils 
    Page: 0094 - Regenerative farming practices and how they are rejuvenating both the soil and farms
    Page: 0020 - La Plantation de vanille promotrice de la séquestration du carbone du sol par son tapis végétal AHIPISAKA (Pennisetum clandestinum)
    Page: 0071 - Organic, regenerative agroforestry for food security/carbon sequestration & avoidance/improved livelihoods
    Page: 0016 - Biodiversal: where regenerative and coffee cultures meet
    Page: 0086 - Soil carbon sequestration programme, green finance and access to carbon markets
    Page: 0074 - Soil Environmental Accounting
    Page: 0078 - The Vitirover solution replace Glyphosate and plowing byfleets of solar industrial mower-robots, replacing artificialised plots by carbon sinks
    Page: 0035 - Turning the Ulan Buh Desert into a high yield zero pollution eco-agricultural zone
    Page: 0126 - Transforming Capital for Agriculture Adaptation
    Page: 0116 - Climate Tech startup company to addressing the issue of quantify and accredit carbon credits in a global scale
    Page: 0084 - Food and Agriculture as a System
    Page: 0065 - SIREnFi (Sistema Integral de Recupero de Envases Fitosanitarios)
    Page: 0092 - EJP soil and CIRCASA project
    Page: 0152 - Soil Health Institute
    Page: 0058 - Synergy Opportunities for Soil Health in Malawi
    Page: 0091 - Off-grid sustainable and ecological agriculture: improving soil health, reducing landfill, minimising carbon footprint, using claimed materials and innovation hub
    Page: 0028 - Agave Power: Greening the Desert
    Page: 0132 - Decarbonization, low carbon society and production
    Page: 0037 - Soil restoration for achieving sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation and mitigation
    Page: 0136 - The link between production methods, nutritional characteristics, and health impacts
    Page: 0042 - Scaling up biochar production for carbon sequestration in the soil
    Page: 0009 - Restorative Forest of Guayraloma - healthy ecosystems for healthy soil 
    Page: 0109 - FNSEA's orientation report "Agriculture, a solution for carbon neutrality" 
    Page: 0104 - Soil Carbon Sequestration and Sustainable Development of Agricultural under Climate Change in Taiwan
    Page: 0056 - Soil and Circular Economy
    Page: 0024 - Smallholder Farm Extension: The Low-Hanging Fruit for Increased Soil Organic Carbon
    Page: 0050 - Analysing Effect of cement manufacturing industry and industry dust for soils and agricultural plants.
    Page: 0040 - Conservation agriculture
    Page: 0064 - Green Shoots Foundation: Agroecology
    Page: 0019 - The use of silicon fertiliser offers several environmental and Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction benefits
    Page: 0143 - Permaculture
    Page: 0122 - Ecosystem Restoration - Agriculture/Livestock/Forestry GHG Emissions Inventories - Natural Capital metrics
    Page: 0073 - Carbone des sols pour une agriculture durable en Afrique
    Page: 0044 - Conservation Agriculture, Climate-Smart Agriculture
    Page: 0100 - Responsible agriculture taking into account the environment (agroecology), social and society issues and economy
    Page: 0103 - Scaling & Youth Employment
    Page: 0051 - Indice de Régénération (outil d'évaluation agroécologique)
    Page: 0108 - Promoting soil regeneration as a climate solution
    Page: 0107 - Soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming and open satellite data
    Page: 0102 - Promoting sustainable sugarcane production
    Page: 0018 - Protect Rain Forest in DRCongo (carbon sequestration) - Shabunda Project
    Page: 0085 - Natural Solutions for Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture
    Page: 0115 - Measure Soil Organic Carbon and Carbon Stock anywhere and anytime
    Page: 0039 - Field Observatory -Illustrating the effects of carbon farming on Finnish farms
    Page: 0076 - Regenerative agriculture Holistic Land Management for Climate Change adaptation and Soil Health
    Page: 0133 - Global actions to boost soil governance and promote sustainable soil management
    Page: 0005 - Paying Farmers to Sequester Carbon and enrich Soil via Farmers Carbon Offsets
    Page: 0135 - Sierra Club Grassroots Network Food and Agriculture Team
    Page: 0154 - Timesis for Soil Health and Carbon Sequestration
    Page: 0082 - Stocker du carbone en augmentant la fertilité biologique des sols
    Page: 0119 - CCAFS & FCDO Agroecology and Climate Change Rapid Evidence Review
    Page: 0033 - Decrease green house gazes emissions and enhance carbon sequestration in French beef and dairy farm : tools for farmers and advisers
    Page: 0021 - Carbon farming
    Page: 0067 - Benefits Of Agroforestry To Soil, Soul And Society
    Page: 0054 - Tools to estimate SOC and net GHG balance
    Page: 0036 - Potential benefits of Agroforestry in the Central American Dry Corridor
    Page: 0032 - Presentación de calculadora certificada de Huella de Carbono, monitoreo y simulación a nivel de sitio específico
    Page: 0098 - Understanding and using ecosystem services provided by earthworms to increase soil health and carbon storage
    Page: 0156 - Access Agriculture
    Page: 0027 - Promoting regenerative farming and low carbon footprint consumption in Hong Kong
    Page: 0099 - Soil protection action in the framework of 4p1000 initiative
    Page: 0105 - Carbon Sequestration
    Page: 0070 - Partager les connaissances sur la séquestration du carbone dans les sols d'outre-mer
    Page: 0069 - Restauration des sols et de la multifonctionnalité des paysages forestiers dégradés de Côte d’Ivoire (TERRI4SOL)
    Page: 0052 - Agroecology and Safe food System Transitions in South-East Asia
    Page: 0117 - Opportunities for agricultural carbon projects in the Voluntary Carbon Market 
    Page: 0129 - Putting each farmer in the centre of climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts in a profitable way.
    Page: 0063 - Generate Carbon Credits at scale from soil using Satellites and AI
    Page: 0008 - Des sols pour la sécurité alimentaire et le climat
    Page: 0118 - Contribuer à protéger le sol contre les aléas climatiques
    Page: 0011 - Soil carbon sequestration a reality without limits
    Page: 0010 - Forest Village for Ecosystem and Soil Restoration in Uganda
    Page: 0131 - Restauration du paysage forestier
    Page: 0137 - Delivering soil testing and agronomic advice to smallholder farmers
    Page: 0124 - A mobile app for knowledge about land potential and sustainable management
    Page: 0093 - Carbon certification : lessons learned from the French standard (Label bas carbone) and business model
    Page: 0066 - Protection de l’environnement et l’amélioration des conditions de vie des élèves et de la communauté
    Page: 0155 - Regenerative Shift
    Page: 0043 - Réduction des émissions CO2 en Agriculture 
    Page: 0110 - Regenerative agriculture in China
    Page: 0153 - Cover Crops - Regenerative Agriculture AI tool for Carbon Removal
    Page: 0095 - Biochar as a catalyst for regenerative rural development
    Page: 0075 - We Regenerate Rainforests
    Page: 0096 - Lead carbon sequestration in ag soils, to improve soil health and reduce greenhouse gas
    Page: 0130 - Regenerative Agriculture - Proof of Practice
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