Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)



Patrick Kaka Ngendo


Bukavu, Congo - Kinshasa


GIERI is a registered non-profit organization in the DR Congo. It was created on 25 February 1997 in the D. R. Congo in Uvira (South Kivu) in accordance with Decree law of 18/03/1965 concerning NGO. Approved by the governor of the South Kivu province by the decree No. 01/143/CAB/GOUPRO-SK/2017 and by the justice minister by the decree….

GIERI’s mission is to contribute in building conditions of peace environment and to promote the community development in its range. Adopting the Australian inspired Landcare Australian  principles, GIERI has several aims, including:

  • Improving the nutritional requirements of the people by adopting appropriate operating framework for the rehabilitation of existing agrarian structures, victims of natural disasters or war;
  • Participate in any action aimed at environmental protection and environmental sanitation;
  • Rallying the community development environment based on the initiatives of the local population;
  • Actively participate in advocacy activities for the promotion and socio-economic reintegration of youth.
  • Develop and implement carbon Project with indigenous people in DRC to Protect Rain Forest in Congo River  Bassin.

To contribute to the alleviation of poverty and vulnerable to disaster especially to facilitate their reintegration into the workforce.



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During the indicated periods, one of the team members is available for a video chat.

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  1. Thank you for sharing with everyone the work you are doing in empowering people and promoting sustainable agriculture. I would like to invite you to visit our Stand 19 - Agripower Australia, to learn about the benefits that silicon fertiliser has for conservation agriculture, soil and plant health, and carbon sequestration. Please leave a message for us if you would like to meet and talk more! www.agripower.com.au 

    1. Dear Sarah Russel thanks for your message.yes GIERI are available to meet ant talk with your team.you can send us a message to Patrickkaka@gieri.org or info@gieri.org

  2. Hi, this is Josephine Chen from HomelandGreen, Hong Kong, China.  We met during the World Tour of the "Restoration in Action Event" on 1 June. Please let me know when will be a good time for a video chat on topics in which we may have common interests. Please leave a message at Stand 35 or Stand 27 if a scheduled video chat is preferred. Thank you for your presentation at the said event. It was very inspiring. 

    1. Thanks Josephine.thanks we can schedule a call video next week on tuesday any time.let me know if its works for you.kinds

  3. Thanks for your response, Patrick. As we are located in different time zones, I wonder whether 0500 UT (1100 HKT) or 1300 UT(1900 HKT) suits your schedule. It just happens that I have a fully occupied afternoon next Tue. I look forward to learning more about your project. 

  4. Are we going to have our video chat at 0500UT, which means a few minutes from now or 1300 UT, eight hours later? Please advise. 

  5. It seems that 0500UT is not an appropriate time slot for you as you show no response. I will try again to contact you at 1300 UT today, 8hours from now. 

  6. Hi, this is the second time I try to arrange a video chat and still failed to reach you. Either it is difficult for us to come to an agreement on a time slot convenient to both of us or you have more important things to attend to. If you are still interested in a video chat, please leave a message at stand 027 or 035 specifying the time and date. 

    1. Hi Josephine,

      my apologise for not available on time to send a feedback. is possible to contact me by my email adress ?Patrickkaka@gieri.org. will be happy to hear you soon