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Protect Rain Forest in DRCongo (carbon sequestration) - Shabunda Project


Organization: Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)

Web site of the organization:

Virtual meeting room:


The Amazon is in fire.intact rainforest are under threat across the planet despite recognition and sentiment that we must preserve them.Rainforest are the ancestral home of Indigenous People and diverse plants and animals that cannot be replaced,but threats continue.How can we break this destructive pattem? GIERI and Planet Alpha  corps are supporting indigenous People to develop, implement ans maintain long-term sustainability lifeways to ensure preservation of rainforest biodiversity and indigenous people communities in D.R.Congo.our approach is simple:directly support communities that live in the forest to protect and conserve their forest homes and support sequestration of caron in the soil by support food security with communities.We rely on economically viable engagement ad community business development for long-term project sustainability, however, NGO and non-profit blended funding is welcome to support Rainforest and sequestration carbon soil in DRC.

  • Our Presentation describes a first-of-its kind directly measured QuantumQarbon developed  with the lega Indigenous People and Tribal leaders living in the Congo Bassin, Shabunda region and Eastern Congo, Democratique Republic of Congo, Africa. GIERI ,Planet Alpha Corp and 4p1000, are an established building block for long term projects of 30 years. QuantumQarbon recognizen that an offest or inset is not only a temporary offsets and typically not quantified or linked to long-term legacy forests.
  • The Shabunda Forest is intact,now,but faces challenges to conserve its ancestral forest while communities continue to grow and seek quality of life in the region.The area is virtually unknow, isolated, and has no roads. GIERI, the in -country implementer of programs has conducted a motorbike survey defining the project area as show in the accompanying maps(sheets5 powerpoint).The project boundary encloses a Green Ring Fire, symbolizing the pressure of human activity within the intact rainforest area.
  • we are  supporting describes the  Indigenous People and farmers community in DRC to implement forest conservation and biodiversity program,support implementaion of Twin region by reducing carbon in the soil, according in to their own plan of Shabunda(sheets6), and the plan of Twin region for the next 30 years of positive social, ecological and planetary progress in the region.We implement the program with simple online financial transaction including common fiat and cryptocurrency payment concept.
  • What we are buying?A forest conservation and Biodiversity QuantumQarbon is based on project hectares starting at $5.00 USD this is not an investment but a verified participation in preserving the legacy of forest,biodivesityn and indigenous Peoples for a period of up to 30 years.Purchase QuantumQarbon here and receive a certificate of purchase and link to the project blog.The QuantumQarbon defines a specific area viewable on a high resolution map that remains intact with no-new-loss of forest.
  • what can you do with the QuantumQarbon? compensation nature for your own footprint, by area(e.g.,square feet,acres),or miles traveled,to fulfill personal, corporate or govermmental goals to support the Sustainable Development Goals and preserve Indigenous communities and biodiversity.How your QuantumQarbon as a reminder of your support for communities and planet.
  • Shabunda Biodiversity QuantumQarbon focuses on new net loss of forest and biodiversity in PHASE I,STEP I,of the project.PHASE II,STEPII, will focus on net forest gain through reforestation of forest cover and biodiversity combined with supporting communities that live in the forest.Conservation of intact rainforest means that forest and soil carbon are retained, avoiding emissions from development, thus your purchase is also an avoided emissions benefit to society and the planet.
  • Individuals,corporations, schools, university,cities and govemments across the planet can participate in this unique gamechanging project.Biodiversity and conservation units are recongized and purchased across the planet by voluntary and compliance buyers,however, this project is the first of its kind for the Congo Bassin,DRC,Africa. This approach can be applied across Africa now and for future generations.
  • one way to make sense out of your participation is to map your real estate footprint(personal, corporation,municipal,etc)on to the project area and your land surface by protect of an protect of an equal area of rainforest and Biodivesity.For example,if you live on 0.5 acres,compensate your area footprint by that amount ( 1 hectare  :2,54 acres). Assemble additional QuantumQarbon for other aspects of your life.Corporation, cities,states ,and nations can use this same approached.Travel QuantumQarbon works in a similar way based on miles traveled by air,land and sea for personal and corporate affairs.

     Document Table of Contents in Powerpoint.

Sheets1.Introduction to QuantumQarbon(QQ)

Sheets2.Shabunda Project Summary Page.

Sheets3.Profil Charts and Graphs Describing the project statue, Methods,Locations and Pruducts

Sheets4.Biospheric Strata,Background Information and How it Works.

Sheets5. Grip Map of the Project and online Shopping Cart for Shabunda Project QuatumQarbon.

Sheets6.Summary Shabunda Development Plan and Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sheets7. Biodiversity Mitigation Hierarchy Concept and IUCN Library References.

Sheets8.Q and A


GIERI is a registered non-profit organization in the DR Congo. It was created on 25 February 1997 in the D. R. Congo in Uvira (South Kivu) in accordance with Decree law of 18/03/1965 concerning NGO. Approved by the governor of the South Kivu province by the decree No. 01/143/CAB/GOUPRO-SK/2017 and by the justice minister by the decree….

GIERI’s mission is to contribute in building conditions of peace environment and to promote the community development in its range. Adopting the Australian inspired Landcare Australian  principles, GIERI has several aims, including:

  • Improving the nutritional requirements of the people by adopting appropriate operating framework for the rehabilitation of existing agrarian structures, victims of natural disasters or war;
  • Participate in any action aimed at environmental protection and environmental sanitation;
  • Rallying the community development environment based on the initiatives of the local population;
  • Actively participate in advocacy activities for the promotion and socio-economic reintegration of youth.
  • Develop and implement carbon Project with indigenous people in DRC to Protect Rain Forest in Congo River  Bassin.

To contribute to the alleviation of poverty and vulnerable to disaster especially to facilitate their reintegration into the workforce.

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2.Solidarity - Twin-Regions

The twin regions concept aims to optimize the use of resources to address the global climate crisis and other pressing issues by promoting international solidarity and massive, empowered, self-reliant and equitable citizen participation. A Twin-Region is a pair of communities that are complementary in terms of green house gas emissions and sequestration potential. They pool their recourses and collaborate in order to become carbon neutral and to solve other pressing environmental and societal issues, such as biodiversity loss and migration. Click here to read a one page outline.

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