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Thank you for coming here.

Please fill out the form below and forward this call for expressions of interest to anyone who believes we need a results-oriented and fair global citizen movement for coordinated local action to solve the climate crisis. 

We would appreciate your expertise, local knowledge, and advocacy.

We especially encourage those of you who work in rural communities to participate. We will support them in developing project concepts to facilitate piloting in their communities and assess their realistic carbon sequestration potential. We will present them to potential investors for funding.

Your expression of interest will help us create a compelling international collaborative proposal to address the climate crisis.

Twin Regions acts locally, and is your chance to be part of the solution.

We want to let you know that the information you provide is not binding and is simply an expression of interest and not a commitment.

We'll treat your answer anonymously and won't share your identity or share your personal information with anyone else.

Expression of interest

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