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At the COP26

The Twin Regions action is promoted in the context of the UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 COP26 'UNITING THE WORLD TO TACKLE CLIMATE CHANGE.' 31 Oct - 21 Nov Glasgow.

The Big Idea

A Twin Region consists of two opposite places that come together to overcome their mutual environmental, economic, and social constraints by using their complementary skills and resources for mitigating climate change and restoring ecosystems and livelihoods . Together, they are pursuing the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035, paying off their historic carbon debt from then on, and building a system of environmental stewardship and global equality.

Imagine a world where citizens of all regions take self-determined and self-reliant action!


The "4 per 1000:Soils for Food Security and Climate" Initiative recognizes the enormous synergistic potential of the Twin Regions concept and the opportunity it offers to promote global climate action at the grassroots level. Promoting the adoption of the concept is one of the 24 goals of the initiative's strategic plan. The goal is to introduce the concept in 20 countries by 2030 and in all countries by 2050. To this end “4 per 1000” is partnering with AFRIS (African Innovation Services - NGO), AFRIS (African Innovation Services - NGO), the host organization responsible for the development and management of the action. Coordination will be ensured by a decentralized team of coordinators appointed by and accountable to the General Assembly of the Twin Regions. 

The Twin Regions concept takes a holistic and inclusive approach and is open to partner with organizations, networks, initiatives, and programs in other thematic areas and in all regions of the world.

Twin Regions basics

The purpose of the presentation is to share the basic ideas about Twin Regions action and to get your questions and suggestions for improvement. Most importantly, we would like to hear from you about how you would get the movement started and what you see as entry points. We will consider your feedback as we finalize this reference document. It will be the basis for sharing responsibilities for organizing start-up activities, leading discussions, developing informational materials for specific target groups, and developing concepts for pilot projects. To this end, we will organize a series of virtual meetings and office hours to brainstorm ideas. Please fill the form below to provide your feedback and express your interest to participate.

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