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A mobile app for knowledge about land potential and sustainable management




Jeffrey Herrick

Carolyn Kerchof


Las Cruces | United States of America

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The LandPKS mobile app is a complete toolkit for sustainable land management. Use features from a selection of modules based on your land management needs. Many mobile app features are available offline!


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At LandPKS, we are proud of the fact that our products can serve a wide range of audiences. Our audiences live all over the world and work in many different sectors. From rangeland managers across North America, to holders of small farms in the American heartland, to land-use planners at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya, a multitude of individuals and organizations rely on LandPKS to collect and manage data about their land. What our various user groups have in common is simple: a desire to maximize the potential of their land.

Our flexible modules allow for different types of users to adapt LandPKS to suit their purposes. Not only can our app users adjust their settings, including language and units of measurement, but they can select specific input and report modules to collect and monitor the types of data they need. Since not all of our modules are equally relevant to all of our audiences, we have defined nine specific user groups, each of which has unique needs and different potential benefits. Read more here.

Established collaborations and partnerships

LandPKS resulted from over a decade of engagement with hundreds of individuals around the world. We wanted to do three things: increase access to site-specific knowledge and information, share that information, and support the communication and collaboration necessary to accelerate innovation. Development of what began as a simple idea for an “Ecological Knowledge System” in 2007 was initiated in 2013 by USDA-ARS with funding from USAID as the global “Land-Potential Knowledge System.” USAID’s initial focus on Africa led to its use as a monitoring tool for land conservancies, an extension resource for agricultural development and as a guide for local and regional land planning. The LandPKS team quickly realized that these same tools were needed by ranchers, farmers, community scientists, gardeners, scientists, and other land managers in the United States and around the world. Today, we continue development with the support of hundreds of global collaborators, and LandPKS is used by land managers worldwide. Read more here.

Desired collaborations and partnerships

We are always happy to help organizations explore how they can use LandPKS to help meet their objectives, and to learn how we can improve it. Please explore our website and training materials, and then contact us if you would like to schedule a conversation.

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Feel free to contact us for help by mail at or

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