1. How can we put pictures and videos?

You can use the "How to" pages to upload videos or pictures. Please make sure you put the source of the photos and documents you use. That is your responsibility!

2. Do we have to register for the Opening Event?

Yes, please register here: Opening Event

The opening event will take place Monday 3rd of May 3:30 - 4:30 CET. You can find more information here: Opening Event

3. What is meant with  "Opening Hours" ?

We would like to persuade you to have some opening hours. For us, "opening hours" means: being online at a special time, using a videochat tool (you can use the jitsi links we already created for you. You find it under "video chat link" on your stand page.  You can also put in a zoom link or another videochat tool if you prefer that)

If you have opening hours, we will advertise them so people who are intrested in your work can come online, talk to you, ask questions... It should be used as time for exchange.

We at 4p1000 secretariat use that a lot. What we usually do is: we open the chatroom and continue working until someone enters the videochat. When somebody enters, we have a talk. It is a bit like having the office door open and drinking a coffee together. Sometimes many visitors are coming in, somebody there is nobody.

So please, just put some opening hours on your stands and see what happens! Try it ourt!

4. What is an "Event"?

An Event can be a workshop, a discussion, a tour through your working area, an informative session, a get to know each other, a powerpoint presentation, a interview ...

You can be very creative - almost everything is ok.

You can arrange a special event for the 4p1000 fair, you could also use the fair to promote an event that is going to take place anyways.

5. The fair starts on 3rd of May with the Opening Event. Is it possible to modify the exhibition stands afterwards?

You can change content and make updates all the time. Though, it would be nice if your stand would already be as ready as possible when the fair opens on 3rd of May.

6. Video chat – given the issues with time zones, is there also the option to have a text chat? 

Yes. Different time zones can be a challenge. Peolpe can also use the comment function on each stand site or the 4p1000 chat. For the chat they need to login with the login data of the 4p1000 collaborative platform.

7. Is it mandatory that we do a live presentation at a previously established time?

No. It is not mandatory. You can also just build a nice informative booth site.

8. Can we participate only with the web page, attaching our recorded materials and presentations?

Yes, that is possible. You can participate only by building a nice informative exhibition site.

9. How can I change the title or the logo of my event?

Please send me an email: julia.klemme@4p1000.org

10. How can I make changes on the site of my exhibition stand?

If you try to put content on your exhibition stand it is very important that you use the backstage area:  https://wiki.afris.org/category/4p1fb

In this area you will find all the stands. Look for your stand and open the "how to" pages (displayed on the left site, in the menu). With help of this pages you can fill in information, pictures, videos, presentations and so on.

11. How can I be part of the 4p1000 chatroom?

You can find the chat here:  https://chat.4p1000.org

Log in with your wiki username and password. Once you are in say “Hello”. We will respond and we can start exchanging to solve such issues efficiently. Mail is cumbersome and it is difficult for us to cope with the traffic through that channel.

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  1. Thank you for those practical information. I would like to promote  of the event by sending information to my contact. Could you sum up what a person not implicated in 4/1000 initiative have to do to join us during an fair event please? Thank you very much

    1. Dear Helene, all the exhibition stands will be online and reachable for everybody when the fair starts next monday. Everybody can join and take part in events.

      1. Thank you, sorry if it was a silly question

  2. Bonjour Marc
    Merci pour les explications bien détaillées les exposants vont bien réagir.Merci encore pour vos efforts pour la réussite des actions de l'Initiaive 4p 1000

  3. Merci beaucoup Marc, Julia et Joachim !

  4. Thank you.  Helpful information.  Updated logo has been sent by email.  May thanks, Julia.

    Wish very success of the event and good turn out for all stands.  Should have lots to see in the coming months. 

  5. I tried to edit my stand (#55) today, but it was impossible. Says "closed". But I would like to upload another presentation and fill in our opening hours etc. Can't find the edit symbol, please help me.

    1. Are you sure you went to the right page ? Click here How to 055

  6. I notice that the Summary section on my stand is blank desite updating. However, when I go to edit the summary section to check, the text of my update is there, just to displaying oin the front. All of the updates to other sections display as expected.