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There is a global interest in harnessing soil organic carbon (SOC) to mitigate climate change, enhance resilience, and ensure food security through Initiatives such as 4per1000. Concurrently, there is an urgent demand for credible and reliable measurement, reporting and verification frameworks for emission trading and national reporting.

Join our webinar to explore the critical issue of Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) for soil carbon stocks. Distinguished speakers, Prof. Alex McBratney of the University of Sydney and Prof. Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen, will delve into measurement, modelling, and hybrid approaches.

Learn about their extensive research on technologies for measuring and auditing SOC change along with approaches in simulating and projecting change in SOC. Share their vision for a global framework for MRV of SOC stock change, supporting national and international endeavours, reshaping our approach to soil management.


Budiman Minasny, The University of Sydney, "4 per 1000" Science and Technical Committee

Lydie-Stella Koutika, CRDPI - Centre de Recherche sur la Durabilité et la Productivité des Plantations Industrielles, "4 per 1000" Science and Technical Committee


Pete Smith is the Professor of Soils and Global Change at the University of Aberdeen, and the Science Director of Scotland’s ClimateXChange and the Director of Food Systems for the Scottish Food Security Alliance. His research is on global change impacts on ecosystems, soils, agricultural and land-based options to mitigate climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental and agricultural sustainability, global carbon cycle, ecosystem modelling, food security, ecosystem services and bioenergy.

Alex McBratney is the Professor of Digital Agriculture & Soil Science at the University of Sydney. He has worked internationally with universities, governments, industry, and farmers to transform the knowledge of soil composition and function, providing farmers, natural-resource managers, and policy-makers with new tools to map soil properties from individual farmers’ fields up to the global scale. He is a member of Australia's Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee (ERAC). He holds a patent for measuring soil carbon on a portion of landscape, allowing precise auditing of soil carbon. His current research is on developing a framework for Soil Security assessment to sustain soil functions and services to preserve  planetary systems and human well-being.

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