How to interact with other members

Comment in the AFRIS wiki

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We want this CoP to be lively and innovative. Therefore, we would like to ask you for your feedback on the workshop concept and format. Please consider yourself co-organizers discussing this as a virtual group. 

You can provide your feedback through inline comments on specific points (see below). General comments can be expressed at the bottom of the page.

How to make an inline comment

Step 1: Highlight the text that you want to comment
and click on the comment symbol (speech bubble)

Step 2: Write your comment and click on "Save"

You can also reply to previous comments or click on like.

Use the "4 per 1000" Chat

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Connect to the "4 per 1000" chat at It is a easy way to communicate. It helps a lot to reduce email traffic.

You may connect with the same username and password as for connecting to the wiki, (this platform).

You need to become a member of the Community of practice to get your login. Registration is for free. Registration for the Climate-Soil Community of Practice

This is the presentation from the first topic:

This is the presentation from the second topic: (only in German) (only in German) 

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