Project KeyTo be completed by ExSec
AProject titleTitle of the proposed project
BJustificationDescription of the problem/gap that the project addresses
CPurposeDescription of the expected outcome of the project and how it will contribute to solving the problem
DCountriesList of the countries where the project will be active
ETarget GroupPrime beneficiaries of the project
FObjectiveThe strategic objective to which the project contributes. (see Indicate the Number and the full name of the
GActivity n°The main activity of the implementation strategy of this Task Force (go to click on the objective to view the list of activities.
HActivities supportedThe other activities to which the project will contribute
ISupported objectives List of names of other objectives that the project addresses. (see
JOwner / CoordinatorThe name of the project team leader and the submitting organization.
KContactContact details of the project team leader including email address.
LStart DateIntended startEnd DateIntended end
Work packages
#Work package (WP)
DescriptionExpected ResultsLead PartnerCollaborating Partner(s)Start dateEnd datesResources (USD)
1Title of the work packageShort description of the key activitiesEnumerate key deliverablesName of the WP lead-organizationName of contributing organizations

Estimation of  required resources








10Reporting to the 4p1000 ExSec

4p1000 ExSec

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