TitleRestoring Biodiversity through a Natural Agriculture Landscape Approach
AbstractThe traditional practice of cultivating rice paddies has been declining in Japan. The disappearance of rice paddies is not only a loss of cultural and agricultural heritage, but also the rich biodiversity. In 1997, Shumei International began cultivating traditional rice varieties using a Natural Agriculture approach on a 6-acre parcel, located in the Shiga Prefecture, resulting in the appearance of endangered plants and insects. The project included the revitalization of the surrounding forest area, increasing the health of the ecosystem.
AuthorsKenji Sakai and Alice Cunningham
OrganizationShumei International
SourceIPSI Satoyama
Target audiencePolicymakers, Public, Scientists, Farmers
4p1000 PartnerYes
Contributor nameShumei International
Contributor emailchaionnb@shumei-international.org