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  1. Click on in the upper right corner of the page to open the editor.
  2. Copy the link to your YouTube video in the Excerpt box. (The Excerpt box will appear once the editor is open.)
  3. The system will instantaneously embed the link in a Widget.
  4. Click on Update in the lower right corner of the editor tosave your changes.

Purpose: Obvious


  1. Upload the video to Youtube.
  2. Click on in the upper left to open the page to open the page to add and modify content.
  3. Then copy/paste the link of the video in the excerpt box below. You will see the box as soon as you edit the page.
  4. Click on at the lower right to save your change.

  File Modified
PNG File image2021-4-7_17-2-18.png Apr 28, 2022 by Marc Bernard
PNG File image2021-4-7_16-59-9.png Apr 28, 2022 by Marc Bernard

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