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The AgroVAR mission

Our mission is to combine the power of sustainable agriculture and digital technologies to help farmers improve soil health, farm profitability and product quality.

Companies that are disruptors in their industries and are breaking the status quo of standard business models are born out of a need for change. Changing end goals, changing development tools and focusing on solving specific problems.

For years, we have watched climate change and conventional practices slowly push farmers towards soil fertility loss and uncertainty.

We created "AGROVAR" with the clear awareness that we need to change this direction. We believe that the protection and improvement of soil resources is the essential tool that Agriculture needs in order to be able to deal with the Climate related problems that have been looming over us for several decades. 

The focus points of "AGROVAR" are:

Increasing carbon levels and important elements in the soil:

Enhancing the level of biological activity

Healthier crops:

Increased resistance to drought, cold, pests and abrupt climate change

Higher quality produce :

Lower levels of chemical residues

Nutrient-rich crops and produce

Conservation practices:

Better biodiversity

Individual context

Complex approach

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