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South East Asian farmers are burning crops residue in absence of adequate technology. 13915 Gigagrams is burnt in India only. They need technology which is more quick and easy to use than burning and of multipurpose use. Prior art related to converting crops residue in to boiler fuel and bio-waste decomposer manual spray or tractor mounted sprayers are inefficient, too costly and not easy to use. Our aim is to empower farmers with such a simple In-Situ solution that they find burning cumbersome and adopt REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE for enriching organic carbon in soil and CARBON SEQUESTRATION to combat climate change, boost microbial biodiversity in Rhizosphere to improve crop yield and multipurpose whole year use of farmers. 1 hectare of land produces average 8.5MT of stubble which contains 48.7% organic carbon, 1.05%  Nitrogen, 0.14% Sulphur, P, Potassium and various other minerals. Our technology would replenish all minerals in to soil to increase  fertility of soil. The soil physical properties viz. soil moisture, temperature, aggregate formation are affected by residue management practices. Surface retention is also act as mulch and mulching play important role in suppression of weeds. Water conservation up to 60%, elimination of smog/pollution of post harvest and ground water pollution are among our major objects.

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