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No matter what solution you develop, at some point you need to scale to achieve sustainable impact! We help you achieve this safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

The operational framework strengthens the agricultural innovation system by facilitating interaction between actors. It consists of a three phased process, a toolkit and enabling concepts. Key concepts are:

  • Proximity: The framework operates on a network of centers for professional agricultural at district level that organize young professionals and rural youth for the provision of innovation services to farmer groups and farmers.
  • Service delivery: An innovative service delivery business model ensures the effective involvement of local organizations and youth in the action. It guarantees a quality service at affordable costs. The key principle is - PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY
  • Vocational training: The skills of the various actors are reinforced by complementary tools of professional training including technical guides, distance learning (e-learning) and coaching.
  • Knowledge management: A state-of-the-art information system facilitates coordination, dialogue, complete process documentation and real-time tracking.

The simplicity of the solutions, the modular structure of the operational framework, the flexibility and the affordable costs contribute to sustainability and facilitate the adoption to cover large areas.

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