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Located just 10km from the Mediterranean coastline our farm is a 10,000 sqm permaculture and agricultural demonstration site; nestled in the rustic Andalusian landscape you will find the beginnings of our vision for future ‘off grid’ zero carbon sustainable agriculture.

Our closest neighbour is the village of Moclinejo, famous for its Ruta de la Pasa (Raisin Route) and its traditional Arabic style low white houses with narrow winding streets. At the heart of the farm is a permaculture and closed loop philosophy; we’re passionate about the need to design sustainable and ecological practises into future farming methods; leveraging renewable energy, vermiculture, nutrient recovery, water management and soil regeneration. Green Lab Granja is designed around four key philosophies:

Renewable energy

We are exploiting renewable energy sources to power the entire farm, everything from solar, biogas and hot composting.

Reducing landfill

Working with local communities we are diverting organic waste from restaurants and coffee shops into our vermiculture systems.

Soil regeneration

We are supporting the regeneration of soils on the land we farm through vermiculture and composting reducing soil erosion.

Health and Wellbeing

We believe in the wellbeing of individuals and the role natural systems play in a healthy lifestyle – all our vegetables are grown organically pesticide free.

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