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CPCCF Pakistan is an Accredited Hub in Pakistan of the Savory Global Network, we promote Regenerative Farming and Holistic Planned Grazing to transform Atmospheric carbon into Soil carbon thereby promoting Land Degradation Neutrality to combat Poverty and Climate Change.

CPCCF is dedicated to promote Regenerative, organic farming, this includes livestock that plays a key role therein, provides mankind the opportunity to convert atmospheric carbon into soil carbon. Increasing soil carbon raises fertility and water carrying capacity of soil. This can have a significant impact on combating poverty among small-holder farmers. And the simultaneous withdrawal of carbon from the atmosphere slows and will eventually reverse climate change. 

This linkage between poverty and climate change is well understood and recognized throughout the world and there is general consensus that without the wholehearted involvement of small-holder farmers it will be difficult if not impossible to combat climate change.

This close linkage between poverty and climate change gives Pakistan, with some of the highest nominal levels of poverty in the world, among its large community of small holder-farmers, an excellent opportunity to become a global leader in slowing and reversing climate change. This would be a tremendous "win" for combatting climate Change and poverty reduction taking us closer to the goal of zero hunger, a "win" that we in the region desperately need. 

  Combating Poverty and Climate Change Foundation (CPCCF)  has dedicated itself to make Pakistan a Global Leader in the practice of Regenerative Organic Agriculture and the fight against Climate Change.

 Our first project was in collaboration with University of Veterinary and animal Sciences Pattoki in Pakistan, it was based on Holistic Planned grazing under the principles of Savory institute Colorado USA

Preliminary results of the project in initial evaluation were published in May 2018 that found that land productivity had doubled and cost of animal feed had fallen 75% within the initial 14 months of the project. The UVAS project has since been extended to the entire flock of UVAS’s “small ruminants. It has improved both condition of soil and health of animals with reduced health costs for livestock.

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