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Ulan Buh is the eighth major desert in China and one of the major sources of sandstorms affecting North-eastern Asia and even further South until recently.  The restoration of Ulan Buh began some 43 years ago as part of the Three-North ShelterBelt Program and HomelandGreen began to get involved with voluntary afforestation some eight years ago and has the privilege to witness and record the fastest progress of land restoration ever imagined within six years.  Ever since the enactment of ecological civilization construction as national policy in 2012, HomelandGreen has witnessed how this remote and poverty-stricken sandy land be turned into a zero-pollution eco-agricultural green zone, practicing circular economy through the concerted efforts of cross-disciplined government officials, small businesses and entrepreneurs, NGOs, voluntary agencies and of course, the local people, resulting not only in ecological recovery but improvement in livelihood of the inhabitants. By sharing this story, HomelandGreen wants to bring a positive message to the international community that with sufficient political willpower and knowledge, large scale ecological recovery that benefits both people and the planet is absolutely feasible.

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