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Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) provides regenerative agroecology technical assistance to low-income families in support of improving their diets, income and health, while simultaneously restoring degraded lands, protecting water sources, increasing biodiversity and stabilizing the climate.  To date, SHI has helped 3,000 families in four countries successfully adopt regenerative agroecology practices, including the planting of 4 million trees on 30,000 acres of previously degraded land. If all 500 million of the world’s smallholder farms used the practices taught by SHI on their farms, they would drawdown six billion tons of CO2 annually.  Most smallholder farmers in the Global South have little to lose and much to gain from this transition and need only adequate technical assistance to make the transition.  With that in mind, SHI has set a scaling up goal to reverse land degradation on 3 million hectares and achieve food security for 5 million people on a million farms by 2030, through continued direct work with farmers and through replicating partnerships.

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