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Regenerative agriculture & organic farming




Andisheh Jahangir

Ekua Armoo

Yohaness Awunyo

Edward Tse

Gloria Aduhene

Cyril France

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Ofankor, Ghana


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Youth Path Organisation is a youth-led not-for-profit organization committed to creating initiatives that inspire and empower youth and underprivileged communities to engender social change and the attainment of sustainable development in Ghana. Our initiatives are in the sphere of regenerative agriculture, climate change, governance, environment, public health, sanitation and peacebuilding.


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Innovative and sustainable solutions to engage youth in the fight against soil degradation in Ghana?

Engaging youth in the fight against soil degradation in Ghana requires innovative and sustainable solutions that not only address the environmental challenges but also resonate with the younger generation. Here are some ideas:

Education and Awareness: Implement educational programs targeting youth at schools and universities to raise awareness about soil degradation, its impacts, and the importance of sustainable land management practices. Include practical training on sustainable agriculture techniques, such as agroforestry, organic farming, and soil conservation methods.

Digital Platforms and Apps: Develop interactive digital platforms and mobile applications that provide information, resources, and tools for youth to learn about soil degradation and engage in sustainable farming practices. These platforms can include online courses, interactive maps, and forums for knowledge-sharing among young farmers.

Youth-led Demonstrations and Campaigns: Encourage youth-led initiatives that raise awareness about soil degradation through demonstrations, campaigns, and public events. Engage young people in organizing workshops, tree-planting drives, and clean-up campaigns to emphasize the importance of soil conservation.

Skill Development and Entrepreneurship: Offer training programs and workshops that focus on sustainable agricultural practices, soil management, and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector. Provide resources and support for young farmers to start their own sustainable farming ventures, such as community-supported agriculture or organic farming cooperatives.

Research and Innovation Grants: Establish grants and funding opportunities specifically for youth-led research projects and innovative solutions to combat soil degradation. Encourage young researchers and innovators to develop sustainable technologies, such as soil sensors, precision agriculture tools, or bio-based soil amendments.

Partnerships and Mentorship: Foster collaborations between youth organizations, universities, agricultural institutions, and local communities. Facilitate mentorship programs that connect experienced farmers and experts with young farmers, allowing them to learn from each other and promote sustainable practices.

Incentives and Recognition: Create incentives and recognition programs to reward young farmers who adopt sustainable land management practices and contribute to soil conservation efforts. These can include awards, certifications, access to financing, and marketing opportunities for their sustainable products.

Policy Advocacy: Encourage youth participation in policy-making processes related to agriculture and environmental conservation. Empower young people to voice their concerns and propose policy changes that prioritize sustainable land management and soil conservation.

Engaging youth requires tailoring the approaches to their interests and aspirations, involving them in decision-making processes, and providing them with the necessary resources and support to make a positive impact on soil degradation in Ghana.


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074 Ahema Gonnor,
Ofankor Ga East,
Greater Accra – Ghana

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