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Semis sous couvert végétal (Conservation agriculture)




Association Drômoise d'Agroforesterie

Site web :


Tarik Zniber

Amandine Faury

Antoine Morinay-Calmon

André Sieffert


Pont-de-Barret | France

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We work hand-in-hand with farmers to develop innovative cropping systems in conservation agriculture. Our approach is based on a participatory and iterative process where experts and researchers are directly involved. On-farm experiments made in a systemic approach are carried out in 17 pilot farms in the South of France. Many other farms are involved through their participation in the co-conception process (plenary meetings, on-farm visits, technical days...) and through trainings on diverse themes (soil conservation techniques, soil health, relations between soil, plants and cattle, bio-indicator plants...) proposed by ADAF during winter.


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