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  1. Click on in the upper right corner of the page to open the editor.
  2. Fill out the table below.
  3. Indicate which days, starting at what time, and for how long you or a team member will be available via video chat to greet visitors, explain your work, and answer questions.
  4. You are free to set the dates according to your availability.
  5. You may update this table from time to time.
  6. Enter a double slash // to access the calendar and select the date.
  7. You can replace the default video chat link with another link (Zoom, MS Teams, or another Jitsi server).
  8. Add rows as needed. Position the cursor in the table and click to add a row. 
  9. Click on Update in the lower right corner of the editor to save your changes.

Stand NoTime zone+/-UTC


Start local time (hh:mm)

Duration (hh:mm)Attendant

Video chat link