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Welcome to the Soil/ Climate Project

Instigated to market on behalf of farmers Carbon Offsets which have verifiably been generated on farm by building up, in soil, carbon-rich Soil Organic Matter
– which mitigates Climate Change, re-generates farmed soil for long term Sustainability and provides enhanced Wholesomeness to Food.

Our Soils

Soil is one of our most precious resources and along with air, water, sunlight and a temperate climate is one of the fundamental pillars supporting life on Earth.

However our soils are under pressure as never before, in some regions of the world desertification is rapidly encroaching due to inappropriate cultivation in fragile soils and in others; intensive, high input agriculture with heavier, more powerful machinery has evolved to deliver ever cheaper food but often at a cost of seriously degrading the soil by compaction, reliance on ever more chemical inputs, susceptibility to wind and water erosion and loss of soil organic matter (inc earth worms, micro soil life and humus).

Regenerative agricultural techniques

Pioneering farmers, showing great foresight, using regenerative agricultural techniques are now tackling reversing this trend and putting soil health at the centre of their farming operations.

As the market for Carbon Offsets develops with revenue potential it provides an additional incentive for farmers to focus on and accelerate the vital and urgent work of building Soil Carbon.

Climate Change

Currently also confronting humanity is the warming of our planet. This is due to excessive Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere from the over use of fossil fuels, deforestation particularly in the tropics and substantial loss of Carbon from Agricultural Soils. The loss of Carbon from soil (which is now in the atmosphere) is a major global issue and one that farmers, we believe, given the Political will and the right incentives can rectify.

We believe that this initiative is such a ‘win win’ with both Soil Regeneration and Climate Change mitigation we invite as much public support as possible to help us in achieving the objectives.



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