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Clients / Target group

There are many groups of people benefiting from our work. We can highlight consumers in general, coffee producers, students, universities, environmentalists and other. Their benefits is related to the fact we are not only producing a specialty coffee, but creating an open space to share learnings and experience on regenerative agriculture and agroforestry coffee.     

Established collaborations and partnerships

We've been supported by many people and institutions. We can name WWF, International Paper and Copaiba (for a reforestation project); IFSUL, a Federal University on Agronomy (for scientific research on agroforestry), PRETATERRA, an agroforestry hub (for agroforestry implementation), Caffé LAtino (a coffee shop chain based in London)  and many others. Their interest in collaborating with us is to strenghten regenerative practices.  

Desired collaborations and partnerships

We'd like to collaborate with coffee shops, universities, NGOs, coffee producers, coffee industry and everyone interested in build a new paradigm of coffee production.

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