TitleXXXI Aapresid Congress
Organizer(s)Asociación Argentina de Productores en Siembra Directa - Aapresid


Time9:00 - 18:30
Time zone(GMT -03:00) America/Buenos_Aires
Duration2 and a half days
Event locationOnline and in-person at Metropolitano Events Center - Rosario, Province of Santa Fe
DescriptionAapresid Congress 2023: The most outstanding event in the field of agricultural knowledge and technologies in Argentina and a worldwide reference. Every year, the Aapresid Congress is the place where sustainability paradigms dialogue with agronomic, economic and political strategies to improve everyone's lives. This year we want the congress to be precisely the space to discuss the multiple CARBON strategies. Carbon is a fundamental element without which life on Earth is not possible. After subatomic particles, it is the minimum expression in which each plant, tree, forest, animal, ecosystem, each one of us can be divided. It is the way in which our bodies are returned to Nature once we cease to exist. It's in almost everything we touch, wear, wear, and eat. It's energy. In every piece of cultivated land we have a NATURAL MACHINE to sequester CO2, regulating global warming and improving the soil. It is said that a word to the wise is enough. Today we are raising the bet and saying: just one letter to the wise is enough. This year, the Aapresid Congress will be called C, and that is quite a symbol. - 9 topics thematic areas: Soil health and climate change, bioeconomy, biotechnology, agroecological systems, integrated systems, crop management, machinery and new technologies, legislation and public policies, and education and communication. - Over 90 simultaneous lectures - Commercial Exhibition Hall - Machinery Park - Simultaneous translation
KeywordsAgriculture, Innovation, No-till system, carbon, climate change,
Web pagehttps://www.aapresid.org.ar/nuestro_congreso
First nameMailen
Last nameSaluzzio
Stand n°0002


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