A collaborative webinar of 4 per 1000 and Soil4Climate

Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022

17:00 - 18:30 UTC

Noon - 1:30 EST

9 AM -10:30 AM PST


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This collaborative presentation of 4 per 1000 and Soil4Climate looks at the science, practices, and policies of regenerative grazing as a soil, climate, and livelihoods solution. Particular attention is given to grasslands, soils, and pastoral people and agriculturally-dependent communities.


Dr. David C. Johnson (Science: soil, climate)

Dr. David C. Johnson is a molecular biologist at New Mexico State University, and a collaborating scientist with Arizona State University, Texas A&M, Michigan State University, and the United State’s Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. Dr. David Johnson and his wife, Hui-Chun Su Johnson, are inventors of the Johnson-Su Composting Bioreactor and developers of Biologically Enhanced Agricultural Management (BEAM). Dr. Johnson’s most recent publication on Adaptive Multi-paddock (AMP) Grazing is a benchmark in the peer-reviewed analysis of regenerative grazing to build soil carbon and other soil health indicators, such as fungal to bacterial ratios.

Precious Phiri (Practice: livelihoods)

Precious Phiri is Coordinator at IGugu Trust and Regeneration International and was for 16 years Program Manager at the Africa Center for Holistic Management (ACHM) in Zimbabwe, the birthplace of Holistic Management and the first Savory Institute hub. Precious has coordinated training in regenerative grazing and holistic decision making with agricultural and pastoral communities Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya where she has helped guild and been witness to extensive improvements in livelihoods for these populations who are fully dependent on land-based resources and industries.

Dr. Leigh Ann Winowiecki (Policy: soil health pledge, NDCs)

Dr. Leigh Winowiecki is Soil and Land Health Research Lead at World Agroforestry (CIFOR-ICRAF), Lead for the Coalition of Action For Soil Health (CA4SH), and Lead for the Soil Health Resolution. CA4SH was co-host at the first ever UNFCCC COP Food Systems Pavilion, and the Soil Health Resolution introduces soil health into UNFCCC deliberations and asks national parties to the UNFCCC to include soil health in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. A soil scientist, her research focuses on scaling farmer-centered landscape restoration, understanding drivers of degradation and quantifying the impacts of land management on soil organic carbon.


Seth J. Itzkan

Seth J. Itzkan is Cofounder and Co-director of Soil4Climate Inc., an educational nonprofit advocating for soil restoration as a climate solution.

Regenerative grazer, Africa Center for Holistic Management, Zimbabwe. Photo by Seth J. Itzkan