Registration for the Climate-Soil Community of Practice

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  1. Anonymous

    The purpose of joining is not only one, Primary is to learn and secondary is collaboration and third is sharing information

    1. true but I understand the importance, in terms of data collection, to require people to choose only one...

    2. Anonymous

      yes agree 

  2. Anonymous

    The purpose of joining is to collaborate in order to improve the capacity of Argentina in climate change and soils practice and also to share our experience in soil practice.

  3. Anonymous

    Keen to share and collaborate around direct business to farm carbon and ecological offsets.  Happy to share our journey thus far.  See attached for outline.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi All, I'm particularly interested in collaborating on how economic viability of a farm and its production practices or transition to healthy soil practices are related.

  5. Anonymous

    Learning is very vital but also sharing what you know with others is equally important especially when we are in the era whereby we should feed the soil so that the soil can feed us

  6. Anonymous

    Learning, collaboration and information sharing are really important for all of us as we are living in the renewal era where we have to do our best for solving some problems in protection of soil and land use.

  7. Anonymous

    Grow conservation agriculture based on science and with the active participation of farmers as the true solution to sustain the growing demand for goods and services while caring for the planet

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Marc Bernard or responsible person for registration, sorry in case you received my request for registration, which I have submitted right now, twice. (I was not sure if I completed the first registrat. right). Thank you, kind regards and looking forward to attend to the next event/seminary, S. Faust

  9. Monsieur Marc Bernard Chère partenaire, merci pour instruction incessamment. Souhaitons que la réalisation sera mettre en oeuvre

    d'ici peut, car  Valazomby  est impatient à cause de l’insuffisant en nutriment qui frappe notre pays actuel. André. 

  10. Anonymous

    I'm very happy to join our organization

  11. Anonymous

    Learning will be the primary purpose of attention this workshop, however, at the end of the workshop we would like collabortion with other partners and donor agencies to implement some of the projects in Malawi where the issue of Climate Smart Agriculture and Climate Change issues in relation to soil management is only 5% as compared to other neighbouring countries in SADC region.

  12. Anonymous

    Hello  everyone! It is a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful team!

  13. Anonymous


    je suis très ravis de vous partager notre intention  dans ce  projet. Chère partenaire, Madagascar  surtout nous Valazomby a  besoin de vous

    pour assurer la réalisation de notre rêve; de maître mon pays à  autosuffisance alimentaire en dirigeant vers la sevrage de la pauvreté autre que  la santés de sole et  de la reforestation après 10 à 30 ans.

  14. I have registered for the event and hope to enhance my learning and knowledge through information sharing.

    Our organization  wants to use this as a forum for learning, collaboration and information sharing 

    Look forward to the journey ahead 

  15. I am unable to access the stand site to upload it says access denied

  16. Chère Partenaire, j'entre dans   ce club pour  trouver un partenaire  d'exploitant de carbone écologiques du sol et des forêts pour avoir des sources financier  en réalisant des projets Valazomby qui sont basés sur la culture, l'élevage et aussi de reboisement basé aux activités de génératrice de revenu pour lutter contre la faim et de la pauvreté dans notre pays.

  17. Bonjour  à tous 

    J'aime toujours  participer à toutes les actions allant  dans le sens de l'amélioration de la bonne santé du sol. Vrve le CoP

  18. Hi everybody !! Happy to join the group !