• Accelerate Climate Change MITIGATION
  • Intensify the ADAPTATION of Agriculture to Climate Change

The ambition of the "4 per 1000" initiative is to encourage land users to move towards a diversified, productive, resource-efficient and highly resilient agriculture and forestry based on appropriate management of natural resources, in particular land, soils and water, strengthening farming activities and the global economy ensuring sustainable development.

This initiative invites all stakeholders (producers, scientific community, private sector, NGOs, regional and local authorities, countries, international organizations, development banks, foundations, etc.) to promote and implement science-based practical actions to maintain and manage soils to be healthy and living, and thus fertile, and be a carbon sink and not a source, based on successful experiences and support of science and rational methodology.

The Initiative wants to involve stakeholders to contribute to develop a global monitoring platform to better quantify soil carbon stocks and establish adequate public policies encouraging farmers and foresters to adopt agricultural practices that conserve and increase soil carbon stocks.