Protect Rain Forest in DRCongo (carbon sequestration) - Shabunda Project


Organization: Groupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)

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Present your work and what you have to offer. Please keep in mind that the theme of the EU Green week is "Zero Pollution" and that "4 per 1000" focusses on heathy and carbon-rich soils for climate and food security. Any topic that prevents and reduces air pollution and/or pollution in rural areas and/or contributes to improved soil health is therefore fine. Keep you presentation short and to the point.

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1. Partnership

Clients / Target group

Describe who is benefitting from your work? What is their benefit? Where are they? How many people do you reach? 

Established collaborations and partnerships

Describe with whom are you collaborating regularly and for what purpose? Why are they interested in collaborating with you?

Desired collaborations and partnerships

Describe with whom would like to collaborate and for what purpose? Why should they be interested?

4 per 1000

Describe what you expect from the "4 per 1000" Initiative? 

2.Solidarity - Twin-Regions

The twin regions concept aims to optimize the use of resources to address the global climate crisis and other pressing issues by promoting international solidarity and massive, empowered, self-reliant and equitable citizen participation. A Twin-Region is a pair of communities that are complementary in terms of green house gas emissions and sequestration potential. They pool their recourses and collaborate in order to become carbon neutral and to solve other pressing environmental and societal issues, such as biodiversity loss and migration. Click here to read a one page outline.

Pros and cons

What do you think of the concept? What are the challenges and the potential benefits?


Do you find that the concept is relevant to on-going political processes such as the European Green Deal, the Africa EU Partnership ?

Your role

Could you imagine to contribute to the realization of idea? What could be your role?

3. Ecological footprint


Describe what you are doing to reduce the ecological footprint of your organization and activities?


Could you do more and what would it take?

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OrganizationGroupe d'Intervention pour l'Encadrement et la Réhabilitation Intégrale (GIERI)
TeamPatrick Kaka Ngendo
TopicProtect Rain Forest in DRCongo (carbon sequestration) - Shabunda Project
Intervention level

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