2022 marks a turning point for the "4 per 1000" Initiative. Having reached over 700 members and being well-known and accepted as an Initiative by the international community, our focus is now going to shift towards implementation and the facilitation of action on the ground!

We strongly invite all members, friends and partners of the Initiative to join this event. We will introduce you to the implementation strategy of the Initiative and discuss and further shape the agenda to move towards alliance and coalition building, and hence to jointly devloping offers and investment opportunities during the next months!

During the second part of the event, we will give you a short, technical introduction to the collaborative platform and its prominent new functionalities within the knowledge base. The event will enable you to navigate through and independently work on the different mini-databases, including your profile page, the ressources hub, the events and announcements section as well as the virtual fair.

Let's make sure that we join forces to strive for carbon sequestration and soil health as the basis for our common future on this planet!

(Remark: Due to the feedback we received we decided to have this merged event instead of two seperate events in order to allow more people to attend)

Link to join the meeting:


Meeting-ID: 883 4200 3223

Code: 963014


Time (CEST)Topic
14:00Welcome and introduction

The Implementation strategy


How are we organized ?


Action plan to facilitate alliances and partnership building

14:35Questions from the audience

The collaborative platform - Structure and main features


The knowledge base - How to

15:20Questions from the audience
15:30Wrap up and next steps


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