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Fair instruction - Presentation
Fair instruction - Presentation


Purpose: Present your work and products. You can display your presentation(s) in Powerpoint, PDF or Word format. Keep your presentation short and to the point.


  1. Click on Image Removedin the upper left to open the page to add and modify content.
  2. Click the Insert Link iconImage Removedin the toolbar at the top to call the Insert Link pop-up window. (Ctrl+k key combination)
  3. Select "File" on the left of the popup window.
  4. Browse your computer to select and upload your presentation(s) (ppt, pdf or doc).
  5. Once you have uploaded the file(s), click Image Removed in the lower left (not Insert), to close the pop-up window.
  6. Place your cursor in the Excerpt box below.
  7. To display a Powerpoint presentation, type {pp, select "Office Powerpoint" to open the macro popup-window, select the desired file under "File name" and click "Save" to close the pop-up window. Type {pdf for PDF files and {doc for Word files.
  8. You may add several presentations, one after another.
  9. Click on Image Removedat the lower right to save your change.

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nameSmartAgro deck 2021-MAY-comp.pdf