Step 1 - 4p1000_contacts (AFRIS)

  1. Registration in 4p1000_contact: Check the report and register the booth in 4p1000_contacts
    1. copy new lines to the table "fair" stating in column J
    2. Adjust format and spelling errors as required (e.g. long/lat, upper case, ...)
    3. copy formula from in column I
    4. add new team members to the crowd, if the email is indicated
    5. add team members to the group 4p1000 Fair 2021
    6. add the stand number to the lines of the team members in the table "database"
    7. Send the line to BLE for the creation of the booth

Step 2 - wiki (BLE)

  1. Create a stand in the backend by doing a "copy page tree" from Pre Stand 9999 under Pre Stand while replacing 9999 with the stand ID.
  2. Edit the sub-pages, title, exhibitor, and team and add content from the request.
    1. Title: add title
    2. Exhibitor: search and place logo and put name and URL of the exhibitor and project URL if indicated.
    3. Team: add team members
  3. Edit the Pre Stand and Final Stand page, add City and Country, edit the google maps macro and adjust coordinates, and edit the page property report of the profile to set the correct org_XXXX of the exhibitor(s)
  4. Set restrictions for the subpages: team, summary, presentation, images, video, meet the team and contact
  5. Move Pre Stand with view hierarchy right under the main page Pre Stand at the bottom of the list of the other stands
  6. Use Tree Copy of 0000 - Booth template to create the stand under Pending Stands in the front end
  7. Edit the Stand to add the title, complete the metadata table, and add labels
    1. Complete metadata
    2. Add logo

      Set width of images to 70px left aligned
    3. add labels: 4p1000_fair_, fair_XXXX and keywords
  8. Inform Marc via RocketChat to verify and put indicate the stand ID (e.g.x0134) in their line in the database of 4p1000_contacts. If required add team members.

Step 3 - add to google maps (BLE)

  1. Go to and login with / maps4p1000
  2. Open the google maps app
  3. Open the drop-down menu to the left of the map and select "Saved"
  4. Click on MAPS
  5. Select 4p1000 fair 2021
  6. Click on "Open in My Maps"
  7. Search the location by entering the coordinates indicated in the request
  8. Click on the location icon and on "+Add to map"
  9. Click on the edit symbol
  10. Fill the form by putting the name of the organizer in place of the coordinates, fill the rest, and save.
  11. You are done. You may close the My Maps tab of your browser or add the next stand. 
  12. Notify AFRIS that the booth is ready

Step 4 - Notify team members (AFRIS)

  1. Copy the links of the Booth page and the Pre Stand page to the table "fair" in 4p1000_contacts
  2. Send notification to team members
  3. Notify BLE that the message went out

Step 5 - Follow up on content development and publish stand (BLE)

  1. Check content development of the stand under Pending stands. Start with the ones that were created this year.
  2. If the stand is complete,
    A) add the org_XXXX label to the booth page,
    B) copy the summary into the metadata table of the booth page,
    C) use "View in the hierarchy" to move the stand under the main page "Fair",
    D) notify team members "You stand is online. Thanks for contributing!",
    E) share the page with the group "4p1000 Fair", and
    F) Ask AFRIS to adjust the status in the table "Fair" in 4p1000_contacts.
  3. If the stand is empty, send a reminder to the team members "Please do not forget to complete your stand. Thanks in advance for sharing"

Step 6 - Notify 4p1000 partners and friends

EN - We are happy to present another exciting booth at the fair. Get a booth to promote your work

FR - Nous sommes heureux de présenter un autre stand passionnant à la foire. Obtenez un stand pour promouvoir votre travail

ES - Nos complace presentar otro emocionante stand en la feria. Consiga un stand para promocionar su trabajo

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