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Welcome to the workshop of your stand!

The steps below will make it easy for you to prepare your stand. You'll have everything ready within an hour, provided you have your materials on hand.


Read all five tasks before you begin. Check the box when you have completed a task.

  • Task 1 - Find your way around: the image below shows how the fair is organized in two interconnected spaces, the "4p1000 Fair - Backstage" for content development and "4p1000 Fair - EU Green Week" for interaction with the public. Each space consists of a home page and a series of pages and subpages. "Stand 102" in the public space is simply a reflection of the "Pre Stand 102" page. The page "Pre Stand 102" is a compilation of the various content pages. Dare to navigate a bit to get familiar with the platform. 

  • Task 2 - Develop content: go to the content pages listed below, read the instructions that you find on top of each page, and develop content accordingly.
  • Task 3 - Try the search: It is located in the upper right corner. Type "Stand 102" to get to the public page where you interact with visitors. Type "How to 102" to find your way back here. 
  • Task 4 - Activate Watch: go to Stand 102, click on the three dots (page menu)  and then on the Watch iconin the upper right and tick the box "Watch page". You will be notified by mail if someone comments your page.
  • Task 5 - Connect to our chat: go to with your username and password and say "Hello" in the Forum. This will make the exchange between us and the other partners of our network much easier and faster.
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