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Michele Bandecchi


Berlin | Germany


Our patent pending Soil Organic Carbon remote sensing algorithm establish the amount of SOC present in farming fields, grassland and forests, monitoring 0-30cm soil depths at a 30 m resolution. No field survey, expensive lab tests or lenghtly waits required - prove and improve your carbon sequestration and regenerative agriculture practices.


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The loss in agriculture due to poor soil health amounts to over $300 billion (source: UNCCD, 2019).

This is due to poor soil management owing to a lack of useful and usable soil data that can be used together with precision farming tools.

Around 3.2 billion people worldwide suffer from damaged soils.

Only 3% of the earth's surface is suitable for arable industry, and 75 billion tons of fertile soil are lost each year due to land degradation.

Globalization and global environmental issues necessitate the collection and interpretation of global, scalable and accurate soil information. SmartCloudFarming is doing it!

We develop a regenerative agriculture indicator based on soil organic carbon and carbon stock remote assessment.

The indicator uses satellite images as input and advanced AI, therefore it is available anywhere and anytime.

Main characteristics: 1). Assessment of SOC at 0-30cm soil deep; 2). Currently one measurement every 30 meters, in development every 10 meters; 3). Model build and validated with ground truth data based on the ISO 10694:1995 protocol (Automated Dry Combustion). 4). Fast: 2ha process per sec (7200ha/hour).

We deliver this value both with a Plug'n'Play setting (regular maps and data tables, data backbone with API) as well as with customised applications (learning system and alert system).


Clients / Target group

Our customers are project developers, landholders and nature-based projects stakeholders.

They benefit by having proof of impact for their regenerative farming practices, being able to improve their practices as well as being able to use this as a label when selling their product.

Established collaborations and partnerships

Our carbon farming monitoring tool was completed in December 2020 and it is currently patent pending. We entered into trials with with Barilla/Italy, Seges/Denmark, and Indigo/USA.

We are currently running demonstration projects with Positerra/Germany and CO2-Land/Germany.

The costs of monitoring and vertification for SOC are currently high and, depending on who bears the costs, they may involve financial risks to farmers. Moreover, there is still uncertainty in estimating the potential for SOC sequestration at a more granular scale, which is relevant for farm- level schemes. 

We are reducing the cost of MRV while ensuring robustness of the measurement with our proprietary machine learning algorithm. By using satellites imagery as input we assess soil organic carbon, soil texture and carbon stock in farming fields, grassland and forests. 

Desired collaborations and partnerships

We are honored of being part of 4per1000.

We are looking for proactive nature-based project stakeholders that want to better monitor, prove and improve the soil organic carbon and carbon stock of their fields.  

Reach to us, happy to talk 15min and exchange ideas and our vision (smile)

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  1. Hi Mike, how cool that you got yourself a stand at our fair! Let me know if you need support with the platform!

    1. Anonymous

      Hello Julia! Thanks to you and the great assistance to enable me to do it (smile) Surely!

    2. Hello Julia! Thanks to you and the great assistance to enable me to do it (smile) Surely!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi all, 

    We just wanted to make you aware of our activities at the stand 114 (Stand 114). We are presenting today our mobile VR app LIFE AMDRYC4. It is available for IOS and ANDROID ( or and you can also play through the web application at our official site ( The application is available in 5 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English) and allows you to simulate the effects of agricultural practices on the soil productivity, and CO2 emissions. We would love to have your feedback on this and we are happy to answer any question you may have about the LIFE AMDRYC4 project.

    Maria Jose Martinez (Research Coordinator), Carmen Perez Sirvent (Research Coordinator), Manuel Hernandez Perez (VideoGame Designer and Project Manager). 

  3. Vielen Dank, dass Sie mit jedem Teilen der Arbeit mit Ihrem Boden mit dem Bodens Bio-Remote-Sensing-Algorithmus geteilt werden. Ich möchte Sie einladen, unseren Stand 19 - AgripRower Australia zu besuchen, um über die Vorteile zu erfahren, dass Silicon Dertilizer zur Erhaltung der Landwirtschaft, der Boden- und Pflanzengesundheit und der Kohlenstoff-Sequestrierung aufweist. Bitte hinterlassen Sie eine Nachricht für uns, wenn Sie sich gerne treffen und mehr sprechen möchten!