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No matter what solution you develop, at some point you need to scale to achieve sustainable impact! We help you achieve this safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

The operational framework strengthens the agricultural innovation system by facilitating interaction between actors. It consists of a three phased process, a toolkit and enabling concepts. Key concepts are:

  • Proximity: The framework operates on a network of centers for professional agricultural at district level that organize young professionals and rural youth for the provision of innovation services to farmer groups and farmers.
  • Service delivery: An innovative service delivery business model ensures the effective involvement of local organizations and youth in the action. It guarantees a quality service at affordable costs. The key principle is - PAYMENT UPON DELIVERY
  • Vocational training: The skills of the various actors are reinforced by complementary tools of professional training including technical guides, distance learning (e-learning) and coaching.
  • Knowledge management: A state-of-the-art information system facilitates coordination, dialogue, complete process documentation and real-time tracking.

The simplicity of the solutions, the modular structure of the operational framework, the flexibility and the affordable costs contribute to sustainability and facilitate the adoption to cover large areas.


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Further information

Some examples of agricultural production and transformation guides that we have developed

Development of a price information bulletin called "Bulletin Infoprix" that provides wholesale prices for five agricultural products in the main markets of 21 municipalities in Benin

Development of a service called "Information Exchange Services" that aims to link farmers and researchers in a constructive information exchange to overcome production constraints. The specific objectives are to collect farm data for a better understanding of production systems, to document the expertise of national experts and to make solutions to common production constraints accessible.


Clients / Target group

AFRIS was born out of the AfricaRice/ProCIVA (Green Innovation Center for the Agri-Food Sector) partnership to capitalize the achievements of the Green Innovation Center for the Agri-Food Sector (CIVA). It guides soybean, rice and other commodities farmers in a process of learning about innovations and promotes youth employment.
Due to the facilitation of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and the establishment of a multi-stakeholder platform with a network of service providers (experts and youth), a total of 350 farmers' groups (8,294 registered farmers) who actively collaborated tried and/or adopted innovative technologies and 440 people found a job as service providers (F 72 / M 368). Young professionals who got jobs as service providers doubled the number of employees in their personal economic activities, creating 210 additional jobs.
In addition, AFRIS provides to the stakeholders a price newsletter (5 agricultural products) in order to help them in taking good decisions in the sale of their products.

The implementation of these projects has allowed AFRIS to establish research partnerships with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Benin (INRAB) in order to propose innovations based on the farmers' constraints and to improve the technologies following the feedback from the implementation of these innovations in a real environment on a large scale. Also, the project had exchanges and collaborations with the extension services, farmers' organizations, the national institute of agricultural research, nine agricultural schools, two colleges and a network of more than 40 national experts.

Established collaborations and partnerships

AFRIS is running the collaborative platform of institutions such as 4per1000, Nutrition Network (BLE, Germany) and LEAP4FNSSA. The mean goal is to facilitate the collaborative work, make their actions more visible and offer them a good knowledge management system.

Desired collaborations and partnerships

AFRIS is eager to collaborate with agricultural institutions (in Africa and also in international countries) to share experiences on good practicies especially those on carbon sequestration and soil health.

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