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Carbón Emergente is a startup focused on the production of biochar and its use as a catalyst for regenerative rural development.

We upcycle waste from forestry and landscaping operations and transform it into a recalcitrant form of carbon, which we apply in farming practices. Our goal is to simultaneously tackle three key challenges: waste (mis)management, soil degradation, and climate change, while having a net-positive impact on rural communities and livelihoods. 

Our operational model is based on developing Rural Regeneration Projects around biochar's lifecycle - from waste to soil amendment - and making those projects available to companies to finance as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio. This enables the farmers and rural communities to receive most of the benefits without having to shoulder the economic costs. 


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Clients / Target group

We are a small-scale operation working throughout the region of Cantabria, in Northern Spain.

As an alternative to traditional waste management we can service municipalities, landscaping businesses, forestry businesses, farmers, and landowners with woody biomass that they don't know what to do with!

Our biochar has served farmers to incorporate into livestock bedding as well as into their compost and back into their soil.

Lastly, our Rural Regeneration Projects are available to companies who wish to diversify their Corporate Social Responsibility portfolios.

Established collaborations and partnerships

We are not currently collaborating with anyone.

Desired collaborations and partnerships

We would be very open to collaborate with any organisation who sees potential for synergies. This could include building upon our work models, 

We are interested in collaborating with:

  1. research entities that would be interested in tapping into some of the other amazing applications of biochar (water filtration, soil and water remediation, compostable packaging, etc.)
  2. Organisations who are working on carbon accounting that more accurately internalises the ecosystem benefits of certain practices like biochar application.
  3. Organisations who are interested in fostering the transition towards regenerative agriculture by working directly with farmers (financing, providing technical expertise, access to markets, etc.).

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi all, 

    We just wanted to make you aware of our activities at the stand 114 (Stand 114). We are presenting today our mobile VR app LIFE AMDRYC4. It is available for IOS and ANDROID ( or and you can also play through the web application at our official site ( The application is available in 5 languages (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English) and allows you to simulate the effects of agricultural practices on the soil productivity, and CO2 emissions. We would love to have your feedback on this and we are happy to answer any question you may have about the LIFE AMDRYC4 project.

    Maria Jose Martinez (Research Coordinator), Carmen Perez Sirvent (Research Coordinator), Manuel Hernandez Perez (VideoGame Designer and Project Manager). 

  2. Anonymous

    Hi  Sebastian sorry I was not able to connect to see the other message you had sent.

    I think some technical Issues. we can may be connect tomorrow

    look forward to meeting you

    best regards

    Eram (stand 076. CPCCF)

  3. Gracias por compartir con todos el trabajo que está haciendo con BiOchar. Me gustaría invitarlo a visitar nuestro stand 19 - Australia de Australia, para conocer los beneficios que el fertilizante de silicio tiene para la agricultura de conservación, la salud del suelo y la salud de las plantas y el secuestro de carbono. ¡Por favor, deje un mensaje para nosotros si desea conocer y hablar más!