Carbon certification : lessons learned from the French standard (Label bas carbone) and business model


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As part of the EIT Climate KIC Soil Carbon Farming project*, INRAE and its partners have launched the SCARF (Soil CARbon Farming) network and organize two webinars open to all public on June 2 during the European Commission's Green Week to share the French experience of carbon certification.

  • The morning of June 2 will be devoted to MRV issues, in particular methodologies for certifying soil carbon.
  • The afternoon will be devoted to the economic models associated with certification.



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Topic: Carbon certification: lessons learned from the French standard

In the framework of the SCARF (Soil CARbon Farming) network coordinated by INRAE within the Soil Carbon Farming project (supported by EIT CLimate-KIC), this first webinar aims to share with stakeholders the French experience gained following the launch of the Low Carbon Label and it will focus mainly on MRV. During this webinar we will communicate key messages to be taken into account for carbon reduction certification.


Introduction 1: Objectives of the workshop (INRAE) 

Introduction 2: Context of European climate policies (I4CE) 

  1. The French Label : Label Bas Carbone (Ministry of Ecological Transition – Julien Viau) 
  2. Key messages and recommendations for carbon credit implementation (I4CE)
  3. Recommendations for estimating and certifying the change in soil organic carbon stock (INRAE - Gécica Yogo) 

First Q&A session 

Five minutes break 

  1. The field crops method (Arvalis- Hélène Lagrange) 
  2. The NIVA project and how to link NIVA with the models and tools recommended in the Label Bas Carbone (INRAE-CESBIO-Eric Ceschia) 

Second Q&A session 

Conclusion : INRAE and I4CE

Register for the webinar here:




Topic: Business models for the deployment of carbon storage approaches

The voluntary carbon market is still developing and many business models are emerging. There is a combination of private and public (for ex. “Bons Diagnostics Carbone”) funding. Some projects are self-financing the adoption of carbon-storing practices in order to contribute to the fight against climate change and to improve the quality of agricultural soils. Others are joining forces with aggregators, which not only allow them to benefit from economies of scale but also to facilitate access to the carbon credit system for farmers.

In this webinar, we will present different business models for the deployment of carbon storage approaches as well as the modalities of intervention of intermediaries and funders !

Agenda :
Introduction : Objectives of the workshop (INRAE)
1. Business models for the implementation of carbon storage (INRAE – Mathieu Noguès) 
2. The contribution of public funding (Ministry of Agriculture and Food – Anaïs Valance) 
First question session
3. Livelihoods (Jean-Pierre Rennaud)
4. France Carbon Agri Association (Jean-Baptiste Dollé) 
5. Nataïs (Anne-Marie Joliet) 
6. Mac Donald’s (Sandie Boudet) 
Second question session
Conclusion (INRAE) 

Register for the webinar here:


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  1. bonjour Joachim, j'ai rempli l'onglet présentation avec un ppt et un pdf. pourquoi n'apparaissent-ils pas ? Merci beaucoup. Murielle

  2. Merci d'avoir partagé avec tout le monde le travail que vous effectuez avec un étiquetage de carbone. J'aimerais vous inviter à visiter notre stand 19 - Agrapower Australia, pour en savoir plus sur les avantages que les engrais de silicium ont pour la conservation de l'agriculture, de la santé des sols et des plantes et la séquestration du carbone. S'il vous plaît laissez un message pour nous si vous souhaitez rencontrer et parler plus!

    1. bonjour, je ne suis pas en charge directement du projet mais je transmets votre message aux porteurs. Bien cordialement.