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Natalie Forstbauer
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Storthoaks | Canada


Heart & Soil is committed to global and planetary health through regenerative farming and gardening. 

Amplifying the voices of farmers, scientists, activists, and gardeners, we aim to bring visibility to the successes and experiences of building healthy soil, regenerating our planet and humanity.


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Experts, scientists, leaders, farmers, gardeners, and activists worldwide are sharing their knowledge, experience, and stories in Heart & Soil Magazine

Established collaborations and partnerships

As a publication, we have the support of incredible contributors, including:

Regenerate Earth, Walter Jehne, Stephen Curtain, Regeneration International, Nature's Path Foods, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Ron Finley, Alderspring Ranch, Matt Powers, Charles Dowding, Kiss the Ground, Didi Pershouse, Klippers Organic Ares, Forstbauer Farms, Demeter, Biodynamic Federation, Chris Trump, High Mowing Seeds, West Coast Seeds, Young Agrarians, Refarmers, Organic Leaf Drop, Food Plant Solutions, Food Plants International, Dr. Jacqui Wilkins ND, Aube Giroux, Eric Payseur, IFOAM, Ken McCormick, Farmers Footprint, George Young, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Good Heart Farmstead, Epic Gardening, Hatchet & Seed

Our partners include:

Global Environment Media (Gem-TV)

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods (NTN) 

4 per 1000

Desired collaborations and partnerships

Our goal is to give voice to the regenerative organic community. We desire to collaborate with experts, farmers, scientists, gardeners, and activists. We have plenty of space for everyone desiring global regeneration, planetary health, and humanity’s wellbeing.

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Natalie Forstbauer, Founder, Editor-in-Chief; Leslie Ambrose, Copy Editor



Natalie Forstbauer, Founder, Editor-in-Chief; Leslie Ambrose, Copy Editor


10:0001:00Natalie Forstbauer, Founder, Editor-in-Chief; Leslie Ambrose, Copy Editor

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