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Klaus Erich Mager
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Bend | United States of America


Business Climate Leaders is an initiative of Citizen Climate Lobby. Our over 200,000 volunteers are engaging Members of the US Congress to promote the Energy Innovations and Carbon Dividend Act, placing a fee on carbon at the source. We also support other bi-partisan legislation, such as the Growing Climate Solutions Act, which supports carbon markets paying farmers to sequester carbon into soil on a per ton basis. 


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The Food and Agriculture Action Team is hosting webinars to promote specific bi-partisan climate change related legislation, such as this event focused on the Growing Climate Solutions Act.

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   Please join us for a panel discussion titled "Soil Carbon Sequestration - A Systems Perspective" scheduled for May 18. We will discuss the true potential of agriculture to not just reduce its own emissions, but also add to that the sequestration potential. Combined there is no other sector of the economy to match the potential to impact climate change; but it will require changing our food and agriculture systems, our menus, and the entire food supply chain.


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13:3001:30Soil Carbon Sequestration - A Systems Perspective

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  1. Thank you for sharing with everyone the work you are doing on advocacy. I would like to invite you to visit our Stand 19 - Agripower Australia, to learn about the benefits that silicon fertiliser has for conservation agriculture, soil and plant health, and carbon sequestration. Please leave a message for us if you would like to meet and talk more!