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Soil Environmental Accounting is understood as the annual measurement and recording of physical, chemical and biological parameters of the soil that point out the consequences of the production system used, in the degradation/intoxication or in the recovery/detoxification of that agroecosystem, as well as the environment as a whole, including people. The project started in 2018 and has a long term. Our goal is to recognize and remunerate food producers that have good soil environmental accounting indicators.


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Founded in 2018, IBA - Brazilian Institute of Agroecology is a non-profit association of private law. Our goal is to promote the construction and development of technical-practical models for food production, compatible with human and environmental values, and with society's wishes for more health and quality of life. Stay connected with us. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook (/ib.agroecologia), LinkedIn (/company/ib-agroecologia), YouTube (/agroecociencia) and visit our website (


Clients / Target group

Our work and dissemination of knowledge is aimed at food producers, consumers, and other employees in the sector.

Established collaborations and partnerships

We have partners and supporters committed to developing cleaner food production systems with us for the health of people and the environment. Currently, our partner are: Libertas Consultoria, Harvest Minerals (KP Fértil), Andrios Assessoria, Korin Agriculture & Environment, Goiano Institute of Agriculture, 4per1000 Iniciative and CPMO – Mokiti Okada Research Center.

Desired collaborations and partnerships

We look for partners committed to developing a healthier, efficient, and lucrative food production with us. That values ​​the longevity of systems, and that generates more quality of life for all.

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  1. Obrigado por compartilhar com todos o trabalho que você está fazendo na contabilidade ambiental do Ssoil. Gostaria de convidar você a visitar nosso Stand 19 - Agriower Australia, para aprender sobre os benefícios que o fertilizante de silício tem para a agricultura de conservação, solo e saúde de plantas e sequestro de carbono. Por favor, deixe uma mensagem para nós se você gostaria de conhecer e falar mais!