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Marc Eberle



SmartAgro design regenerative agroecosystems, train farmers to implement regenerative practices, and seek to change the paradigm of how we add long term value to people, smallholder communities and the ecosystem in the farming sector.


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Clients / Target group

Currently scaling up operations in South East Asia with farmers, processors, millers, agri-businesses and donors or any other aggregator in the food production sector

Established collaborations and partnerships

We have established partnerships with General Directorate of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Land Resource Management, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, CIRAD, Swisscontact, HEKS/Esper, Heinrich Boell Foundation, FAO, Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification Consortium CASIC, UNDP, Alisea, and others

Desired collaborations and partnerships

Farmers, processors, millers, agri-businesses, seed companies in ASEAN or any other tropical climate zone, companies interested in sustainable or regenerative agriculture in the tropics

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  1. Thank you for sharing with everyone the work you are doing with climate-smart agriculture in Cambodia. I would like to invite you to visit our Stand 19 - Agripower Australia, to learn about the benefits that silicon fertiliser has for conservation agriculture, soil and plant health, and carbon sequestration. Please leave a message for us if you would like to meet and talk more!

  2. Good evening. I am Dr. Nandini from BAIF Development Research Foundation, India. We are representing our work on 'Soil restoration for achieving sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation and mitigation' through stand no 37. Please visit our stand and join our event on 18-05-2021 between 14.00 to 15.00 IST.
    The topic for the event is 'Tree based farming system (Wadi)'. BAIF Development Research Foundation in partnership with farming families, has evolved and promoted “Tree Based Farming System” popularly known as “Wadi”. The Wadi model has been widely adopted by more than 0.45 million families in 25 states of India. This has resulted in significant increase in farm income, reduction in distress migration, better nutrition and improved quality of lives of the participating families. The programme interventions have resulted in various environmental benefits including improved biodiversity and substantial sequestration of carbon in soil and wood biomass. This session aims at sharing the details of the Wadi model and our experience pertaining to it.

  3. Anonymous

    Good evening. I am Dr. Nandini from BAIF Development Research Foundation, India. We are participating in this virtual EU Fair and have shared our work on 'Soil restoration for achieving sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation and mitigation' through stand no 37. Please do visit our stand for understanding the work in India. 

    This is also to share with you all that we have planned a sharing event on 25th May between 14.00 to 15.00 IST (+/- 5.5 UTC). The topic of this sharing event is 'Environmentally sound and climate smart program interventions through BAIF Development Research Foundation', India. It will be based on BAIF, India's efforts on ground to build resilience of vulnerable farming communities against climate change effects by introducing on ground, the multisectorial program interventions for resilient farming system.

    So, please participate for enriching knowledge!  See you there!