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During this event, actors from the "4 per 1000" network working in Latin America and the Caribbean will present their approaches and share sucess stories in the area of agroforestry.


16:00-16:05 CESTWelcome and introduction4 per 1000
16:05-16:20 CESTIntroducing Inga FoundationMike Hands
16:20-16:35 CESTIntroducing Estampa VerdeAntonio Carrillo Bolea
16:35-16:50 CESTIntroducing Hacienda Las ImagenesBrock Menking
16:50-17:05 CESTIntroducing the billion agave project (Via Organica)Dr. Juan Frias
17:05-17:15 CESTQ & AEveryone
17:15 CESTWrap up & closing4 per 1000


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