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Voluntary Carbon Markets

This synthesis paper provides a background on the state of voluntary carbon markets for soil organic carbon.

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  1. Guiding question: Which standards are most appropriate for smallholder farmers in developing countries?

  2. Guiding question: How do methodologies compare in terms of efficiency and transaction costs?

  3. Guiding question: How do issues of land tenure affect carbon projects and how can they be addressed?

  4. Guiding question: What are the main challenges and solutions associated with institutional anchoring and ensuring sufficient institutional capacities for SOC project development and implementation?

  5. Guiding questions: What are the latest and most important sources of climate finance to support SOC project development and implementation?

  6. Guiding question: What are the proven pathways to ensure that farmers derive optimum benefit from SOC projects, especially through co-benefits derived from the implementation of SLM practices?